First day on the Danube Delta - Crisan Village

2년 전

Hello Steemians, I'am sure you have heard about the second largest river delta in Europe (after the Volga Delta of course). I talk about the Danube Delta!
The greater part of this Delta lies in Romania (near Tulcea County).
In period 26-29 of June I have booked tickets for Crisan village (in the middle of the Danube Delta)
On my first day off I have traveled with my family from Constanta city to Tulcea (almost 145 km) with my car, after that I've took the ferry to get at Crisan village. The trip was very relaxing (3 h, almost 10 $ / person ) and a great opportunity to plan the future days. I try to show you some pictures from our first day. We get there late, almost 17:00, so the day was almost lost.







What we have decided to do in our first day? After a long day spend travelling, when we get on the studio we was very hungry. The hosts wait us with specialities made from fresh fish. The food was delicious. After that we've made a walk on the Danube left shore. I will be back with other memories from our trip.

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Hey @gabriel.ncl Congratulation for your travel . Happy Traveling

Enjoy the holidays. Happy traveling.

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