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Duke's Nose is one of the popular viewpoints situated near INS Shivaji in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India.
Duke's Nose stands 12 km from Lonavala near Khandala. Dukes nose is a popular hike for day visitors.

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why is it calord duke's nose?

wow what a pic do check my blogs to dear

Beautiful place.

Road to Heaven, Extremely Nice Pic.


As usual you nailed it with your photography....I always get something new and amazing thing in your photos

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The scenery is majestic. Awesome!

Hey your photography is amazing 😍
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Amazing photography.superb. I Really appreciate.
Thanks for sharing.

What a beautiful place is this.

Wow this is lovely

Nice view

The scenario is really awesome, what a view 😮

@ganeaysh awesome 👌 place. This place looking so adorable. I am definitely going this place . Best place for photography. Well done . great post. Keep upvote & supporting.