This company wants to give you a big ol' chunk of $15,000 to go to the beach this summer—here's how to apply!

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Would you believe me if I told you that you could get paid to sit on a beach, drink in hand? No? Well it's true! is running a contest where the grand prize is $15,000 to visit their "10 best retro beach motels" in the US. That's not all- the prize also includes a $10,000 travel stipend to help you get to these motels that are located all across the country. And if that wasn't enough, they're also giving a $5,000 "salary" to spend however you'd like on your travels.

Who wouldn't want to get paid to sit on a beach and sip a cool drink? That dream could be your reality if you enter a new contest from says it will also outfit the contest winner with sunscreen, umbrellas, vintage sunglasses, a cooler, a solar-powered AM/FM radio and a retro polaroid camera. The only requirement for the winner: Use that camera to document the trip “for future generations.” So what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags!


To apply, you'll need to finish up a web-based poll that requests your Instagram handle and incorporates prompts like "Assuming you time traveled to the '50s, who might you enjoy your ocean side excursion with?" and "Depict why the retro ocean side inn is your ideal some place."

The organization says it'll pick a victor in light of three measurements: imagination and creativity, nature of accommodation and fit to subject.

The triumphant explorer's schedule incorporates old-school store ocean side inns the nation over, as San Diego's The Pearl Hotel and The Montauk Beach House in Long Island, New York. The inns come from's new positioning of the main 10 "retro ocean side inns" in the U.S., in light of elements like normal visitor appraisals, inn configuration, value worth and area.


Their shared trait is an aggregate blend of present day conveniences and retro feel. Miami's revamped Vagabond Hotel, for instance, initially opened in 1953 — regardless highlights large numbers of the foundation's unique 1950s kitschy plan components and a splendidly hued poolside tiki bar.

"These immortal inns are spending plan cordial as well as will ship beachgoers — in a real sense and metaphorically — back so as to genuinely disengage and unwind," representative Melissa Dohmen said in an explanation.

As per the organization, these more modest store inns can be more reasonable than your typical extravagance uber inn. What's more, with movement numbers ascending close by high gas costs and record expansion, it's a good idea that anybody booking an ocean side excursion would need to set aside cash anyway they can.

Applications close on August 5, and plans to inform the victor by August 12, passing on a smidgen of time to partake in the ocean side before summer closes. Contestants should be no less than 21 years of age to enter.

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