Bedrock: A forlorn shadow of what once was

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Bedrock, AZ. It's a stop when you're heading to the Grand Canyon if you go the right way. I imagine that once upon a time it was a pretty busy place, but what is remains there now is a lonely dilapidated shell of what it once was.

I visited there before it closed in January (although it did end up reopening for the summer season -- new owner I guess?).

There was trash everywhere, and it didn't look like it had been maintained for quite a few years. Most of the statues and such were worn or had graffiti/names scratched into them.

Honestly, it was a bit sad to see... in a way.

But inevitably all things age.


It was pretty devoid of people and just about the windiest day imaginable. There were multiple times where I felt like a human kite walking around here and it felt far colder than it actually was.


As you can see, it is pretty spread out... with sort of replica buildings every so often. My favorite, of course, being the petting zoo -- well, presumably that's what it was. There's no live animals there anymore, and I doubt the traffic could support their care.


There are some pretty cool (read: Terrifying) character statues around too, though many of them are either half destroyed or otherwise vandalized.

~Rawr Slidey Rawr~



I seem to have avoided taking pictures of the insides of the places due to the buildings being absolutely destroyed inside. I probably should have just for posterity, but there isn't really interesting to see anyways -- unless you enjoy looking at trash people had left behind.

Here's a handy dandy map:




AND I got to be a child and climb through a giant snake... thing...

it was very dirty...
🤣 🤣 🤣

It was pretty interesting going there, and it looks like it has changed a bit since the "closure". It was supposed to be gone permanently after January 2019, but it's back. Now it's supposedly closing after this summer season -- so I wonder what's actually going to happen with it?

To be honest, I think it needs a gigantic revamp if it's going to be anything. Right now it's just a kind of cheap campsite that you can hang out at near the grand canyon. Though there are closer, and there are nicer nearby -- at least that is what it looked like to me in my cursory search.

Due to the location, they could really do a ton of stuff with it profitably. It's a large slab of land roughly 40 minutes from the grand canyon. I mean shoot, they're desperate for good restaurants out there -- there's really not much tasty food over there.

Then again, it's kind of out in the sticks so I imagine it'd be hard to sustain during the slow season. And all the food was priced much higher than average out there so there might be some sort of weird taxes or something.

I guess I've gotten off on a tangent here, but it was an interesting experience going there to see something that was (supposed to be) shutting down very soon.

It was a nice little detour on the way to the Grand Canyon anyways. $5USD to walk around a basically abandoned park.

There were also people there that were ordering food from the little cafe there... I would highly advise against it. They seriously cannot have anything fresh there. Not enough people eat there and they seemed to have a grand total of two people who worked there -- so I was very skeptical that they would serve me anything other than frozen Tyson chicken nuggets or something.

Anyways, Take care & stay awesome.

- Guurg

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Wave bye now~
that's a good girl 😄

(All photos taken by me)

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I think it's a really good spot for $5 for the somber semi-apocalyptic atmosphere. You can't get in most abandoned parks.


No you cannot. It definitely had a very Fallout: NV feel to m. Life in the desert can be harsh~ :)

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quite an interesting place reminds of the