Bored in the desert... Time for a hobo fire

11개월 전

Past few days I've been staying at my buddies ranch in Arizona, and the other night we were sitting around kind of saying "you know what would be good? Let's have a fire". But we didn't actually have anywhere to do it, but we did have a steel barrel.

"Wanna have a hobo fire?"

"Hell yeah!"

So I dug out a barrel sized hole while he grabbed up the barrel, and voila: a stylin fire pit.

So after we've been sitting here for a while enjoying our fire, we actually realised that it actually works very effectively.

With relatively little fuel, we were able to keep quite warm. We didn't even have any large pieces of wood really, so I would say it's a smashing success.

The barrel was actually getting hot enough to have that typical dull red glow.

There's probably too much ambient light to really see it in these photos, but it's definitely glowing along the bottom edge.

It's a beautiful sunset, and the lovely Arizona quail were hanging out in the trees (very unique shape for birds, all cylindrical).

Out here loving the ranch life, I could probably do this every day. Just go full redneck 😂.

But yeah, trashcan fires? Highly recommended. Just make sure you don't accidentally touch the red hot metal 🔥🔥🔥

- Guurg

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Setting the stage on fire ; )


I guess you could say we were blazing... 😃

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