Dropped in the desert with a quad.

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"Don't die."

My buddy sent me out in the desert with his quad the other day. Just to screw around for a few hours.

I've been traveling a lot in the midwest US right now a lot, but had to take a trip out to Arizona recently.

There's really not anything like this out where I am currently, and I'm already missing the desert (mountains). I don't know about you, but I prefer somewhere with mountains to use as my playground.


There's a lot of different outdoorsy things you can do when there's mountains involved. Some of them involve terrifying experiences with bears and mountain lions (especially if you go out at night), but mostly it's all around a good time.

Anyways, I went out in a piece of state land where the powerlines run.

No! Not that!

It's a nice run because if you ever get lost, you can always head generally away from the mountain ranges you've presumably been seeing all day and run into the power lines, finding your way back to wherever you need to get to.

It's also nice because basically you're driving around on a beach all day (minus the water... plus a bunch of spiny things that want to kill you). Sure, it might be a little bit hot still this time of year, but as a season desert-an I tend to tolerate it pretty well.


When you get too hot, that's how you know it's time to find somewhere to go fast 🏍️

There are a couple of cattle ranches out here that have (dirt) roads going up to them, so there is a bit of opportunity to get that puppy up to a pretty high speed for a quad.


I also got the experience of seeing a meth head trying to unbury his car out there.

I offered him assistance with contacting someone, but I think he was doing some illegal crap out there because he didn't really seem interested in it.

I would have taken a picture of him, but was honestly too confused to even think about it.

It also seemed that if he was actually trying to unbury his car his progress was going in the wrong direction, because by the time I had gotten there, the vehicle was dug down to the point where the hood was nearly in line with the surrounding ground.🤣

I had a thought that I should report it as suspicious activity, but it didn't seem like he was doing anything TOO malevolent and I generally don't talk to the police.

Sadly, due to other engagements, there wasn't really enough time to screw around much more.

All in all I rode around for a few hours and ended up going about 30 miles.

I would have liked to get some more closer pictures of the mountains, but the really pretty ones in the background are actually dozens of miles away.
(forgive my mile-ism... I'm an ignorant usa person)

Here's a few more pictures of the scenery.

These were all taken with a Pixel 2 that I wish I had shooting in RAW, but forgot to change that setting.

Thanks for being awesome

- Guurg

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P.S. the cloudless blue sky is very typical of Arizona -- It's a very arid climate out there.

P.P.S. I wish I had been out there either earlier or later for better light > . > Life happens sometimes.

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time to enjoy every moment there ; )