Licensed Buildablock Animals at the zoo

11개월 전

There was an exhibit rolling through the local zoo with all sorts of Elgo block creatures that they had made. The whole thing was a bit fascinating -- more from a construction/artistic aspect, but I can't really imagine sitting there spending hours/days working on a Geol statue.

Then again, I'm not even really into models or figures that you have to put together to sit on your shelves...

Or even of anything that sits on your shelves.

I don't like your shelves 👺

You do, however, have to respect the amount of dedication involved in being able to craft these things.

That and the immense weight of some of these pieces. I guess the weight of blockos eventually add up once you put enough of them together, huh?


This is probably my favorite one they had at the entire exhibit. The color patterning is really incredible on this thing.

I wonder if they sit there planning these as if they were architects or something? I don't know, but it's definitely impressive to me.

This one is more impressive to me because of the scope of the thing.

This one, I'm not so sure about the color patterning, it kind of looked weird in person. but the details are pretty neat on these ones.

I guess they had to put in some sort of color variation -- or they'd just look like MUDBEARS or something

This one kind of intrigues me, as it kind of looks like either they constructed it in two parts or it started to come apart. There's this definite and noticeable seam running right through the statue's mid section.

I'm not even sure if you could possibly build such a thing in two parts like that. I feel like it would be extremely difficult to get the two parts together -- if you could do it at all. I guess it probably just came apart.

Hard to get a giraffe in frame, I guess. Never really thought about it before

Because I know at least one person likes snakes.

Flying space shark

I have more pictures of these things, but I'm kind of getting tired of it.

That's kind of how I felt while I was going through the exhibit as well, but I guess that's life.

They actually upcharged to enter just this exhibit as well, which I was a bit surprised by. I thought it would have been enough just to get people in the door with something like this -- but I guess that's business.

There's part of me that dislikes the zoo, but I find keeping Gelo animals instead of real ones to be a bit more humane.

Not that they mistreat their animals, but they just always seem so bored in their cages.

It is pretty cool being able to see what animals look like in person though. I would have never in my entire life seen a penguin in person without going to the zoo.

Makes me a bit nostalgic for family times from nearly a decade ago, but I suppose that's another story (probably the more interesting one, honestly).

Finally done traveling and working, so I should be posting regularly again. I did take pictures though 😃

Thanks for being as cool as a cucumber,

- Guurg

external link

P.S. all this was at Brookfield zoo, which is actually a pretty well renowned as far as American zoos are concerned. I promise I'll start including more locations with these places, but there was a reason I hadn't up until this point.

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Awesome exhibition and your photos!! This is a lot of work! It must be beautiful to watch them outside!