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Mymensingh Aladdin's park is going to the picnic from Avanti College. I thought, if I am already in Mymensingh and I live in Sadman's house, then I will be able to surprise Avanti by hurrying. Think of that work, I went to Mymensingh two days before I arrived.
On the day of picnic, we got two people from Mymensingh city to CNG. The unknown destination is Aladdin's Park. Overflow of CNG Phulbaria down the dusty sea of ​​ours, Because of the sea, this road seemed like it would not end. Again another CNG driver asked,
-Mama, how'd you go to the Allen's Park?
Here you can not go to Thaicha Direct.
Here we go to Thaichi Aimmatoli. After that there is a tika auto, the van goes to Aladdin's Park.
How much rent from here?
-Try thirty money.

  • How much is the rent from the park?
    -When there is fifty taka, one hundred in auto.
    We have the right to go out of the way on the way to Ajittali. The state of the road is impossible. However, with a lot of patience, I came to Azmatoli market. Asked an auto driver,
    -Mama, how much is Aladdin's park?
  • Twenty three hundred rupees.
    -What is the mama?
    In the meantime one person came and said to Sadman,
    Where will you go?
    -Ahane in my van.
    -What mama?
    -There's a hundred in the world.
    -I'll give money to Mama.
    -Yeeful Ahin.
    I say to Sadman, "Well, do not we go to the van?" "Dhuo! So do not talk so much income." I was surprised because I did not say that word. The van driver said. I'm stunned. Before we could understand something, how can we get up in the van? On the back of the van, the van driver said,
    -Your mama, behind me? Aya Bukan in front of me.
    -Well, we sit behind.
    -Why do not you talk like Vekal? Aya Bin in front.

    We went ahead and sat in front. Auto vans, that means auto-rickshaw engines installed. He is running the van, we're both sitting behind him. The man said to go a little further, "How many days?" We looked at both of the two. I realized that no one could understand why he said this. We did not respond. He said again after a while, "How much longer do you have?" Why do not we understand again? We said, "Hmm." He started talking,
    -Mamaara kayutta?
    -Memo from SINGH
    -Basasa Mymensingh-this?
  • Two?
    -Memingh sadarai?
    -Why do politics?
  • Nah.
    Sadman says,
    We do not do the family, the family.
    -What is the status of politics in the country?
    There are two roads going forward. Left and right side The auto we asked first to rent was the first question. That auto turned to the left. Our van turned right. And on the left side there is a small direction in the direction of the opposite, "Aladin Park" written by the opposite. Since the van driver turns right, we get a lot of trouble because the auto is going on the opposite street. Sadman said,
    -Mama, right?
    -No! This way I do not have the problem.
    We got more scolded. Silent area, unknown villages, phone signal signals and almost never seen. There is no house except paddy fields and ponds.
    The doubt is increasing. Sadman van suddenly told me to explain the driver, "call them up and go to the ball gate with a hundred bucks." I also took a phone call and said, "My friend, stand on the gate with 100 rupees, we do not have money.
    However, we had money.

    After a while, a small market was noticed. Sadman said to the van driver, "Stand up for a cigarette in a manger" The van driver stood in front of a shop. He went down and said, "Mama, if you have money, let me go to the park and then you will get it." He took out his pocket hand and pocketed his hands and frustrated us with two pieces of three notes. Now Sadman tells me, "Do you have money?" "I have five hundred rupees." I said. Then I bought fifteen pieces of money and bought two goldlifts. Meanwhile, Van Wala said to the shopkeeper what he said. We went too far. However, he continued to go on and on, "Mama, here is the tomago palapana?" I said, "Humma Mama" "How many?" He asked again. Sadman said, "There are twenty-five people in the gate." The van is running, he is talking, and we are looking at two and two people after fear. Unexpected area here, if something bad happens, return home to the death penalty. Because, the condition of the body is negligent. I went a long way and found two shops. Sadman bought a cigarette with ten pounds from me again.
    A few minutes later the van driver left the road to the ground. This road does not seem to drive vehicles. Actually, small roads and vehicles are incompatible. We're going to the van with a tree break. A highway in front of him said, "Mama, do not get the car, I will get a little, we have got a name, van driver. We are going back and going back, and gradually I asked Sadman,
    Did you ask him? Is the road right?
    Yes, the shopkeeper said that the road is right. But, he said that the park goes in front of the park. And this man just left us with us.
    -Ultra racing?
    -Watch me and see you. It is not right to come back so far.
  • Well.
    We sat again in the van. On the one hand, the large fields on one side are rice fields. People are not seen Very relaxed road. The van driver started talking again. In order to talk to us at one point, he looked at the road behind, Sadman looked back. Looking at the two of them, I looked back and saw, behind us two boys were six boys.
    continue ..............
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