Sugar Cane Fields of Mauritius

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When I was younger growing up on the island of Mauritius, I always looked forward to our adventurous family trips. To get to anywhere you will most definitely drive through one of the endless sugar cane fields. They cover a third of this island. They are literally everywhere!



Every now and then, we'd do a little detour, drive off into a field, and cut some cane for healthy road trip snacking. We just loved chewing on bits of sugar cane for its sweet pure juice. Its really healthy, in fact the more it gets refined in the factory, the unhealthier it gets, but if you're going to have sugar juice straight from the cane, its going to be full of minerals and nutrients that are good for you.

Mauritius_Blogpost1 4.png

If you ever find your way to Mauritius, definitely rent a car, and get lost in one of those sugar cane fields... Anytime is a good time to go, maybe try avoiding February since it is known to be the hottest and wettest month, however it is still going to be better than -3 in London right now.



Shot with my Panasonic Lumix GH5

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Wow ilike this your beatifull
Ilikebyour post

Wow! You grew up in Mauritius? How amazing is that :) I have quite a few close Mauritian friends, and can't wait to one day visit the country!

Btw, there's a London Steemit meetup this Friday, hosted by @allasyummyfood. You should come join us if you're free!


Yes, it was amazing, however, I took it for granted back then...
I heard about the meetup, I think I'll join too :)


Well at least it made a lasting impression!

That's great, do let me or @allasyummyfood know soon though if you can make it, we'll need your email to send you the exact address :) find either of us on or discord!

Sweet shots ;)


Thank you!