24 Hours in Shanghai — Photos and Thoughts

4개월 전

I found myself in Shanghai, China today in what was only supposed to be a layover. After flight complications and having just listened to “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” and “Extreme Ownership” the past few days, I decided not to get frustrated & own the situation. I decided to go knock something off my bucket list that I’ve wanted to see for about 5 years.

When I got there, I got lost in the sights & sounds like I always do after visiting a place for the first time after only seeing it in pictures for so long. As I sat there, I watched other people react to it, just like I did. It made me start to think about life.


When it comes to making decisions, I base everything on quality of life. I never want to compromise my life for more money, career advancement, or anything that sacrifices the things that keep me the healthiest and happiest in my life.

With how short and fragile life can be, I want to know that I’m not waiting for “eventually” to arrive so I can be happy. I want to be intentional and strategic with every step so I can thrive here and now.

So anything I do invite into my life, I ask what affect it will have before I let it in. And any current aspects of my life that I am unhappy with or simply desire change in, I’m in the process of schemin’ and hustlin’ to make those changes that I want to see come to pass.

The key components to all of this actually happening consistently include: facing fears, facing myself, always refining, staying humble, taking risks, surrounding myself with solid people, always learning, enjoying the process, being disciplined yet balanced, and stepping out in faith and knowing that whatever scary or unknown parts are ahead, it’s all part of the journey.

It’s always good to make sure you keep the main thing the main thing...so whatever that looks like for you, make it a priority and ask yourself what you want your life to look like now, next year, 5 years from now, 10, and so on. Or, you can let life “happen to you”, but I assure you, life is truly lived when you get uncomfortable and take those crucial first steps of living your dream 🙏🏼


我发现自己今天在中国上海只能进行一次停留。在飞行并发症之后,过去几天刚刚听过“不给予F * ck”和“极限所有权”的微妙艺术,我决定不会感到沮丧和拥有这种情况。我决定从我的桶清单中敲出一些我想看到的东西大约5年。






确保你把主要东西保留为主要内容总是好的...所以无论你看起来是什么样子,都要把它作为优先事项,并问问自己你现在想要的生活,明年,5年后, 10,依此类推。或者,你可以让生活“发生在你身上”,但我向你保证,当你感到不舒服时,生活才真正生活,并采取那些至关重要的第一步来实现你的梦想🙏🏼

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Amazing! I didn't know Shanghai was so colorful at night.

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wow beautiful shanghai

Great photos! I have no so beautiful photos of Shanghai. Even I live in Shanghai.

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Great fotos! Beautiful town. :)

Great images! Loved spending time in Shanghai. The scenery along the "Bund" is just stunning!

You have a nice photo

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I visited Beijing & Qingdao about 15 years ago. Qingdao is a place I plan to visit again sometime in the near future & will make sure to have a stopover in Shanghai.

Awesome city, great pictures !

muy buena foto felicitaciones

How good is Jocko!

that is life……

still traveling, still thinking.

Perfect sharing. Thank you for this valuable post


Thanks for this post... Amazing picture the colours are amazing!

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