Digital Nomad Living in Dubai — Day 22




March 18th, I put all of my belongings in storage and hit the road full time — for the third time. I started off with a 3 day business trip in China, followed by 5 days in Hong Kong, then landed in Dubai — where I've been since. I'm 3 days shy from my 1 month anniversary and I'm deciding whether to stay longer in Dubai or move onto another country. The plan was to spend a month in a different country, every month. With summer approaching, I'm considering Europe.

Spending time in China was inspiring because of all of the manufacturing and wholesaling opportunities. Hong Kong inspired me because its one of the most expensive cities in the world and it was interesting to see how people move. Dubai inspires me because of all the real estate potential and the quality of life here.

I spent a few days Downtown Dubai, a few days in Dubai Marina, Silicon Oasis and The Palm. I got a taste of local life and being a tourist. There's so much to do here, it feels like a month isn't even enough time. I try to balance my days with work and play. I work online as an Art Director, I go out and take photos as my hobby and I spend my downtime with cryptocurrency.


I'm looking forward to the next few days and seeing where life takes me.

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Amazing Picture, awesome vlog. I resteemed this Vlog. And you have a really nice girlfriend.

  ·  작년

Dubai is fantastic. Summer has set in but the weather is not extremely hot yet. You would definitely have a great time. Enjoy!!


Yeah, summer here is rough. It's hard to even breathe lol

  ·  작년

The real problem is humidity

That's a nice place.

Dubai is beautiful country, i have dream to go dubai, abu dhabi also nice city in uae

The weather should be already extremely hot in this part of the year. I have never been yet but I think you would spend a great time.

Dubai seem s to be the only place where they do not stop building/constructing buildings. It a nice place to enjoy your holiday.

You did earth like heaven fantastic travel

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Dubai seems beautiful. I like your idea of spend some time in every country and your shots are great. Just continue posting, i really enjoy that :)

Have fun and enjoy your time. The photo with high-rise is amazing. You truly captured the big city vibes.

Dubai was fantastic place a place where all entertainment exists, Glad you share it, Upvoted!

Dubai is such a wonderful city, very inspirational. Have a great time there. I'll follow your blog, being a digital nomade is an amazing concept of living.

nice country

Awesome Journey!

Dubai is very fantastic place, I hope can visit there sometimes!


Dubai is very
Fantastic place, I hope can
Visit there sometimes!

                 - ritayuniarti

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Dubai a place for the fun and atventures of pepoel id like to go alreaddy on my bugget list

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I loved China when I was there. There is something to be said about thoe who travel. It's more than an adventure and lifestyle..It's a mindset that can't be beat.

Nice shots!

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Amazing photography! I love the architecture photos, Someday I will visit Dubai

I wish i can visit this place someday, Upvoted!

So great your post. I like it. Who you started your life like digital nomad?

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Dubai is a great city, I want to visit Dubai once. When I have enough conditions I will go to Dubai


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I love Dubai !! Amazing

Amazingly beautiful.. Had a great fun in Dubai

Welcome 🙏 to Dubai!
Are you still living on the Palm? @jefflombardo
The Dubai Frame
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我希望你有机会访问迪拜。 很高兴见到你。@xiqingnan
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Thank you 😍😍

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