I Just Got to Amsterdam and I LOVE IT!

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In all my year's of traveling, I never had an interest in going to Amsterdam. Last week, I had an opportunity to go collect another stamp and meet up with @khloeterae before heading off to Dubai. I only spent 3 days in Amsterdam but I did as much as I could while I was there.

I was really impressed with the culture, pace, lifestyle and shops. I also like how easy it is to navigate the streets since everything is built around a circle, unlike major cities that use a grid system. I wish I spent more time there but I know I'll be back.

Amsterdam blindsided me and slipped into my Top 5 Places in the World. Can't wait to get back and explore some more!

In the coming day's, I'm going to be posting more. I've been traveling for the past 3 weeks. 10 cities, 7 countries & 4 continents in 22 days to be exact. I'm trying to remember to take pictures of things I usually wouldn't take pictures of. I normally look for portfolio pieces but I have to remember to document the journey, so that's what I hope to do!

View From My Hotel on the Canal

Walking the Streets

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I make a plan to visit amsterdam in the next time ...i usually dream it...when....

Amsterdam is a great city, I've there few times and plan to visit again :)

The legend @jerrybanfield stopped by my page. What's goin on my guy!

Nice that you liked the city I am from, always say that everybody should atleast visit once! have fun travelling.
Will keep an eye ou for your post