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Some more photos from a great vacation spot. Winter skiing ! Fall foliage is amazing ! Spring summer white water rafting and Lake side camping. I highly recommend it !!




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Wow!! Amazing post.
Beautiful photography.
Awesome clicks!! 🤗💙
I love your post. 😍 😍 😍 😍
New York is incredible and wonderful.
I want to visit there once.
Nice content.
Very well articulated.
Excellent job.

Thanks @jkenny for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post

beautiful landscape. Love this first pic - a cloudy blue sky and an open range of water landscape. Amazing and that different to the big city.
Thanks for sharing


Thanks , yes it’s very nice place

nice.. hope you enjoyed looks like cool weather.

Beautiful Photography sir.


Wellcome Sir

I love also travel.this is too good

I never tried lake side camping! Im sure its an amazing experience!! Water rafting I did once, in Ginga, in the Nile river, Uganda😄 it was soooo much fun!
Thanks @jkenny for sharing your vacation (and bringing up some memories for me on the way! 😄 :)

omg... lakeside camping looks fun. What a beautiful place to be.. Envy 😍

Where is this place? Indeed, it's amazing.

Hey @jkenny ¡What a beautiful place!, here in Venezuela all year round it looks like summer and it is very hot. I would love to visit US someday.
I really like your photos, very beautiful landscape

Great views in the middle of nature and some camping looks great @jkenny

Very well articulated.
Excellent job.

Wow, awesome this is somewhere I really want to go and check out :) I really want to check out NYC, and this seems a great place to go too!

Hope all is going well


I envy your clean blue sky. We are suffering from smog in Seoul.

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