Exploring El Salvador #3

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Now that you know more about San Salvador (the capital), I will take to other places that I'm sure you will love. If you miss my post about San Salvador, you can check it out here and here.

Hiking Izalco Volcano

Izalco volcano has the perfect cone shape! With an elevation of 6,400 ft. (1,950 mts), you can have beautiful views of many places like Cerro verde, Santa Ana Volcano and many more.

Portrait of Izalco Volcano

Located one hour and 40 minutes (Depending of the traffic) away from San Salvador, you can experience one of the most exciting hikes you can make in El Salvador. It's challenging but worth it.

Sin título-1.jpg
Map from San Salvador to Izalco

View from the base of the volcano

So happy but nervous at the same time

This is a difficult road to the summit. Lot of rocks everywhere. Take care of your ankles!

Made if to the summit after 1 hour and 30 minutes, time to rest!

Even though the las eruption was at 1966, you can see some activity

View that worth every sweat!

I hope you enjoy this tour of Izalco Volcano! Contact me if you visit El Salvador and you want to make this hike :)

More post of this serie coming soon.

My old Canon PowerShot A590IS

All the photos and videos are taken by myself. / Todas las fotos y videos son tomados por mi persona :)

Thank you for your comment! / Gracias por tu comentario

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Ese es un volcán que aún tengo pendiente escalar, gracias por el recorrido se ve grandioso el lugar, espero hacerlo pronto con mucha energía que se ve que es una aventura espectacular.
Gracias por compartir ese grandioso recorrido.


Es un desafío bastante demandante. Tanto la subida como la bajada. Es de tener buena condición física sino te va a costar mucho :)

El calor también te molesta mucho

Hermoso lugar, la primera foto es impresionante, los volcanes son hermosos, aunque debiste llegar oliendo a azufre je je


Hola @marpa! No se siente mucho olor a azufre en este volcán. En el volcán del próximo post si se siente bastante :)


Sabia que te encantaría, oye no me imagine lo del azufre, pero seguro paso eso, ese volcán es impresionante, el legendario faro del pacífico, cuando tenga aire subiré, muchas gracias por venir a atender.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @marpa
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