Trekking Diamond Head In Oahu

3년 전

For many reasons Hawaii holds a special place within my heart. I was born in this place and became submerged into a truly diverse culture. It was simply My First Love and I protect it as such, being quick to jump to its defense when people forget to acknowledge it as a U.S. state. It's truly formed and shaped me as an individual and probably had a big impact on my taste now that I am an adult. For example I study Mandarin now. Hawaii is quite the mix of West and East and that's why that shows in me today. No doubt if I was raised in Brooklyn (as I would have been) my environment may have shaped me into a different person.

Hawaii and my childhood are synonymous. My childhood in general reminds me of many things. Beaches, palm trees, 90s R&B, Nintendo, Pokémon cards and wonderful food all contributed to the best childhood one could ask for.

The thing is, about time I hit middle school I had moved away from Hawaii and went on to more stressful things and places. For that reason, I took a trip back to experience this place as an adult.

Here are just a few moments trekking up a beautiful mountain on Oahu.

After going back for the past two years I've concluded that Hawaii is still as beautiful as ever. If time allows then one day I may move back as a resident once again.

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