American Airlines ditched GOGO and that is a good thing!

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If you have been flying in the US recently, your plane likely hat internet that was provided by gogo.


At least that is how it felt to me gogo everywhere. Although most of the time I am flying with AA, due to the fact that I live in Philly and this is a big hub for American so my experience may be skewed.

Now if you ever used gogo, you may have noticed how horrible it was in terms of speed and latency. And over time it has gotten worse, likely due to more and more people using it.

Today I had my monthly gogo plan ready to be used on my flights by AA to EU only to realize that gogo is not being used by American anymore.

My international and national flight both had a new Panasonic system, that worked across both flights. Normally gogo only worked within the US, but I could use the Panasonic service over the ocean. That was fantastic.

I could even stream video

And as expected the service is not fast. Websites load pretty slowly etc.
In fact today while on the plane I made a huge mistake on steemit. I wanted to send a thank you to someone who upvoted me and ended up sending him all my liquid steem. About 4k steem or $12k USD.

I am pretty certain this was a function of the bad connection on my phone, as this is something I do routinely and can't imagine fucking up.

So my lesson learned here would be: don't send transaction when you have a bad connection.

However overall the connection was much better than what I am used to, of course with interruptions. I was even able to watch youtube on the plane, and that is certainly something I have never been able to do before.

As such I have to be impressed with that service and I hope the speed will stay this way.

Way to go American and Panasonic

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Aiiii, although very convenient to have a good internet connection on board of a plane, I am still not sure what to think of it. It was sort of one of those last places on earth (or above) where you would be 'forced' to be offline and I enjoyed that.

Let's hope everybody on the plane is able to behave themselves and not play loud video's or music on the plane while others try to take a nap or just enjoy the quiet offline time ;-)

BTW @knirky, just to make you aware, the first few comments on your posts are from users who just copy-paste some text from some website. In this case it is this website. They probably do this for the quick upvotes. I thought you should know :-)


Yes this was obvious to me, but I thought the comments were useful hence I upvoted. But u are right I should have asked for link before voting.

After a combative association with (GOGO, - 2.41%), the world's greatest in-flight Wi-Fi supplier, American Airlines (AAL, +0.99%) has hit an arrangement with equal organization ViaSat (VSAT, +0.30%) to convey satellite fueled Wi-Fi to its new 100-in number armada of planes. The administration is relied upon to be set up by September of one year from now.

American Airlines and Gogo have been inconsistent since the aircraft sued the Wi-Fi supplier back in February to escape its agreement. Around the same time, it dropped the proposed court activity, and the aircraft will even now utilize the organization's new 2Ku satellite administration on 134 of its current Airbus planes.

Currently, Gogo 2Ku can provide speeds up to 70 Mbps to aircraft. However, once new satellites are launched, Gogo expects 2Ku to offer speeds of more than 200 Mbps. Gogo 2Ku features much greater bandwidth allowing passengers to stream videos and audio from services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify.


American’s first Gogo 2Ku equipped aircraft has already flown throughout the eastern United States and to destinations in the Caribbean. Over the next two days, N102UW will visit Philadelphia, Miami, Montego Bay, and Portland, Oregon. Passengers on these flights will be able to stream movies and TV shows over Gogo 2Ku. However, streaming capability will still be limited.


This is copied verbatim from an article by TravelUpdate titled "ICYMI: AMERICAN AIRLINES LAUNCHES GOGO 2KU".

I'm fine with quoting if the information is relevant, but the source should be linked to. CC @cheetah, could you detect comments like the one above?

I wanted to send a thank you to someone who upvoted me and ended up sending him all my liquid steem. About 4k steem or $12k USD.

Wow you're not kidding! Here's the initial transaction where you send @hebrew 4021.252 STEEM with the memo "thx gor ur upvote. following u". Then 10 hours later, you send some STEEM dust with the memo:

hebrew, i accidentally sent you all my funds. would you be so kind and return them. i would be forever grateful.

Anyways best of luck getting your STEEM back. @hebrew better at least follow you back (; Would love to learn more about how this error could have occurred. Seems like it's quite severe!


Yes I was very deliberately sending exactly 1 steem. no clue how all my funds could have been sent. It has to be a glitch from using phone with bad internet or something.


That's wild! May be worth opening an issue on GitHub. I'm guessing steemit/condenser is the right repo. Seems like a pretty critical glitch.

Now, customers of American Airlines can watch in flight TV and movies on their own computers, instead of being forced to stare at the terrible seat-back screens of old. Gogo Vision, as it is called, is provided by in-flight Wi-Fi company Gogo, and has been installed on all 15 of AA's Boeing 767-200 aircraft.

Right now, you're probably having the same reaction as me. Why would you want to pay to watch content on your own laptop computer, when you doubtless have movies and TV shows on there already?

On the upside, the "introductory" prices aren't bad, costing more or less the same as services like iTunes. A TV show will cost you a dollar, and a movie will be four bucks. If you don't manage to watch the whole thing then you can finish up back on the ground, TV shows stay available for 72 hours, and movies for 24 hours. You will not have to pay for Wi-Fi to access the service, either.

If these prices stick around, this could be a great emergency service for nerds who have forgotten to load up on in-flight entertainment ahed of time.

American Airlines hates its inflight Wi-Fi almost as much as you do. Maybe even more: the airline has sued its Internet provider Gogo in hope of getting out of its contract and switching to a competitor.

In a lawsuit first spotted by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, American said it's suing Gogo because better options are out there. "Alternative service providers are offering faster, more reliable, and less expensive satellite-based Wi-Fi services to airlines like United, Southwest, JetBlue, and Virgin America," the airline says in the suit.

The general population spat between American Airlines Group Inc. furthermore, Gogo Inc., which gives the greater part of the transporter's residential in flight Wi-Fi, could be viewed as the last hit to ground-based Internet get to that has turned into another bothering some portion of the air-travel understanding.

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This is scary mine was annoyning though. Some few weeks back a friend used my account to recieve some payments. Off i went to help him cash and got to a sterling bank atm in Nigeria only to try and withdraw. The machine was about to dispense when the screen just went blank. I entered their hall only for me to be giuene a form that i would be credited in 24hours. I got the money 17days after much embarrasment and stress.

Adsactly Bravo, Bravo!! Your post are really Mewtacular!. It inspires me to be a better me. I am learning so
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thank you for these information @knircky

hopefully your flight to the destination safely

That is quite an expnsive lesson. I hope you get it back

Steemians every where looks busy on Steemit even in plane. Lol

Hello @knicky

Thanks for informing the community about your experience with internet services of the various companies. Though I am not resident in USA, I trust those that reside there will find this piece very helpful.


Did you get the liquid Steem back! I tried to get GoGo when I was flying back from New York which was right as ZCL was forking to Bitcoin Private. I was hoping to be able to trade during the flight, but nope. The price crashed like 60% while I was in the air! Haha

Damn GoGo. I’m glad they are ditching it.


Not yet.

Hmmm... Their services are great...

It would be greater if it stays that way for a longer time. This would help promote them and in no time, they'll be a household name.

Don't why African aviation owners haven't patronise this Gogo 2ku. You have educated me on something i was never aware of. I will have to write a post about the need of using Gogo enable airline while going on a business trip. Sorry about the wrong transfer of your whole liquid steem, were you able to get them back?

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i was not getting wifi in the airplane till now. Every flight was without internet connection till now. Just read that it is aviable some month ago. But paying extra always I think? How much does the internet service over the cloud cost @knircky?

That’s terrible, I’m so sorry that happened! I hope @hebrew does the right thing and returns your funds.

I’m going to resteem this from my other account since I have a lot more followers over there.


Edit: He just returned your Steem!

Hey, so that totally sucks! I've resteemed this post from this account for more visibility.

I left a comment on his recent post and will continue leaving a comment on every one of his posts until he returns your steem.

Edit: He just returned your steem!


Yea man thx for ur help.

It was a lot of steem so really noce that he returned them.

The general population spat between American Airlines Group Inc. furthermore, Gogo Inc., which gives the greater part of the transporter's residential in flight Wi-Fi, could be viewed as the last hit to ground-based Internet get to that has turned into another bothering some portion of the air-travel understanding.


So, this world flew very loong distance and I'm amazed that in the plane You have Internet...