Places to visit: Verona / Italy

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In this post I want to show you the most beautiful places in Verona / Italy. If you are on vacation and the weather isn't that good a short trip to Verona fits very good.

Piazza Brà 

The "Piazza Brà" is a good place to start your trip through Verona. The Romans used this place as a pasture around the arena. Today it is a lively place with a lot of cafes and restaurants and most busses stop her. You are greeted with a great view to the amphitheater (also called arena).

You also can go inside the arena with a guide.

Piazza delle Erbe - Market for herbs

The "Piazza delle Erbe" was the centre of the antic Verona.

You can buy snacks, souvenirs and a lot more at those little boothes. Here is something special for all the gammon lovers ;) 

Ponte Pietra

"Ponte Pietra" was built in 100 BC. 

Basilica di San Anastasia

The paintings in this basilica are really awesome. 

Castelvecchio and Ponte Scaligero

The castle was built between 1354 and 1357 as a secure fortress. It was the residence of the Scala family. Today you can look at art from Verona and objects from the dark age in the museum. 

Last but not least you should visit

Casa di Giulietta with the most famous balcony in history

The small inner yard is very crowded with people from all over the world. They make photos together, paint the walls with their names and buy some souvenirs in the shops nearby. So I just took a quick photo and escaped equally.

So you see that Verona is a very interesting city to visit. You can do a lot of sightseeing and shopping as well. If you need some tips or you have questions just let me know. 

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My wife loves to visit Verona - nice day trip for some...a whole world away for others...

Verona Piazza Bra.jpg

Verona Clock Tower.jpg



fantastic pictures. I am happy that you were able to find my old posts .


I'm learning to search Steem before posting...and we just visited Verona just a few weeks I thought I'd share...I enjoyed your article and your photos as well...thanks for your efforts...and keep up the good work

Looks and amazing place to visit, so much to see, Your photos are lovely, beautiful sights


Thank you :)


I really love it there! So much to see.


It appears that you and @anyx have both been to Italy recently :-)
Very nice photographs too!


True :) But it looks like he was more in the North-East of Italy.

One of the best places in the world

fantastic pics

Hope, sometimes I will have an opportunity to visit this amazing place.
Nice to read you, thanks


thanks. please like the author too