Explore Hong Kong with me #7- 帶大家去沙田鼎泰豐🌞 Din Tai Fung& New Town Plaza's exhibition

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Hello Steemit friends,


Hope you are doing good today~🌞 Last time, I introduced a popular tea shop and a hotpot restaurant in China with you. Thank you for all your supports. This weekend, my sister and I decided to visit an auntie who lived in Sha Tin and we had some delicious soup dumplings (Chinese: 小籠包Xiao Long Bao) from a worldwide chain restaurant, Din Tai Fung. It was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1958 which was a cooking oil retail shop back then. In 1972, they transitioned into a restaurant and earned a reputation for their soup dumpling. Currently, it has 119 branches all over the world, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, United States, Hong Kong etc. It is recognised as one of the most famous Dim Sum house and has been selected for multiple restaurant rewards including a three consecutive years of Michelin Stars. You probably may find their branches in the city you lived in.

Steemit的朋友大家好🌞 ,上次跟大家去了深圳食了火鍋和喜茶,謝謝大家的支持。今天想跟大家分享一家全球連鎖餐廳—鼎泰豐。鼎泰豐可算是「台灣之光」,相信大家對它都不陌生,說起鼎泰豐馬上會聯想起它們皮薄多汁的小籠包。它曾被《紐約時報》推薦爲「世界十大美食餐廳」之一,更在2010被評為米芝蓮指南港澳版的一星餐廳~鼎泰豐在全球擁有119間分行,澳大利亞,馬來西亞,泰國,美國等地都可以找到它們的分店,可能有一家分店就在你居住的城市附近喔~


We arrived at the restaurant around 6:30 but it's already packed with people. There are quite a few people milling around the front of the restaurant waiting to be seated. After checking in, we decided have a walk in the New Town Plaza as normally it takes around an hour wait. The waiting times are vary depending on which branch you go. If you want to avoid the wait, it's better check in around 5:45 and get the waiting ticket.


They have a open kitchen at the entrance. The dumplings are made before your eyes~


This branch has decorated in modern style with simple decor.


Let's see what we order today~😋😋😋 我們來看看今天點了什麼菜式和飲料吧 ~😋😋😋

There are a large variety of food that can be chose from. Just for Xiao Long Bao, there are four flavoured, original, truffle, loofah and shrimp, and chicken. They all look so good.




Appetizers~ 前菜😋

Tossed wild vegetable and beancurd with sesame oil. The vegetables and beancurd are finely chopped. It taste very refreshing~


Drunken Chicken in ShaoXing rice wine. It's a dish of chicken that's been soaked in Shaoxing wine. I love this dish a lot, the chicken has a strong but special flavour.


Main Dish~主菜

Bite size Chinese soup dumplings (Chinese: 小籠包Xiao Long Bao). A signature dish from Din Tai Fung. We ordered the original flavour this time~


Spicy shrimp and pork wonton. It's a steamed juicy shrimp wonton mixed in special made spicy sauce. This is a must order dish for me other than Xiao Long Bao when I visit this restaurant~ The slightly spicy and aromatic chilli oil compliments the wonton really well. After eating all the wontons, we mix these sauce with the fried rice we ordered below~



Egg fried rice with deep-fried pork chop. The pork shop is perfectly cooked. It tastes so yummy~


While waiting to be seated in Din Tai Fung, we walked around in the New Town Plaza as normally it takes around an hour wait. And we found this event, "Let's go Glamping". There are many spots for taking photos and each camping tent cooperate with different brands, Cath Kidston, Aigle and Columbia~ And my favourite spot for taking photos is the tree house as it looks amazing~~

在等候位置的時候,我們在新城市廣場到處逛逛,剛好看到這個以路營為主題的「花見之營」展覽,有很多打卡拍照的擺設。展覽主要有不同的帳篷、樹屋和露營車,由不同品牌參展,分別有Cath Kidston英倫碎花精品營、Aigle法式波希米亞營、Colombia綠野山系探索營。而我最喜歡是樹屋的設計,好夢幻。






Tree house, my personally favourite :)


Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐
Address: Shop no. 166 on Level 1. New Town Plaza. Phase 1 . Shatin. N.T
Business hours: Mon-Sun 11:30 - 22:00

IMG_2284.JPG IMG_2285.JPG IMG_2283.JPG

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Thank you :)

We have Din Tai Fung in Singapore too but my friends told me the Tim Ho Wan in HK is very different from our Tim Ho Wan here. Same for Din Tai Fung I guess.


Tim Ho Wan is very popular in Hong Kong, I love their roasted pork bun~~They taste like heaven :)


I see! Thanks for the great review!

thx for sharing

very beautiful place to eat and be entertained, my friend, I love the photos of the food, makes me so hungry. upvoting you, wanting to see more,


Thank you, my friend~ Glad that you like post~

Very colorful and excellent post @krischy the photos are amazing... Food looks rich and yummy... Site beautiful...tree house...wish we can share.... Thanks for sharing rhis.


Thank you for visiting my post~ I am glad that you like it


Yes of course dear...do find time also to follow and visit my blog too...keep steeming

what a lovely photography of food from hong kong and its all look so delicious as we enjoy just from seeing then sure you enjoyed lot as its in front of you...


Thank you~I am glad that you enjoy this post :)

This place is full of life! I am going to spend the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve in Hong Kong. Cannot wait to explore it. Thank you so much, @krischy, for this post




Sylvia,嘴真甜:P 你也很美~



nice post :) thanks for share about that...


Thank you :)


Thank you, my pleasure~

Oh no... Singapore is etc.





The gallery restaurant is beautiful

Happy nice day dear


Thank you :)





Hi there! I like this post a lot, I think having a window into other countries, cultures and culinary traditions brought to you by a real person instead of some big TV chain is amazing and really connects us to the place. The tossed vegetables and beancurd must have been great, though I'd have felt intimidated by the drunken chicken. Great post, keep it up!


Thank you, I will try my best to keep the quality of my posts~

小笼包看着也太好吃了吧 以后一定要去吃一次

lovely photography thanks for post


Thank you, my friend:)

Now I'm doing fine because I saw this wonderful article! I really like your Honk Kong articles, I would love to live there


Thank you, Hong Kong is a wonderful city and I will continue to share more in the coming future~ Thank you for visiting my post.


I'm glad to hear that! I can not wait to see them

  ·  5년 전

Sweet girl.


Thank you :P

Nice photos and blog!


Thank you:)

Congratulations great post :)

The egg fried rice looks great.I loved the treehouse.

I love chinese food, especially the noodle and the soup. They are the best.



Beautiful culture, I hope to visit there someday! I love the tree house!


Yeahh, highfive~ I love the tree house most ~


haha, thanks:) they all taste very good~


Everything is beautiful. I really like your post




awesome post,i really like your post,keep it up,upvoted.


Thank you, my friend :)

wow!!! it all looks so amazingggg:) I would love to go to china someday and eat that unbelievable food! too bad I wouldn't have the first idea of where to go or how to speak the language :/ anyway thank you for such a yummy post! keep up your incredible work @krischy :) if u ever want music or comedy , come stop by my channel!!

thanks mate,..... really enjoy travel..... whola amazing hongkong....thanks to share this post

I've tried Din Tai Fung in Malaysia and in Singapore. It's pretty good. :P


Wow...love Singapore... Can I see some photos


Yes, it is but the queue is so long in Hong Kong~

Hong Kong seems so great. It's certainly on my list of places to go. Love that you share these meals as well, cool to see what you actually get served down there. We do have a lot of dishes that are "chinese", but they are nowhere near this. :P

This is beautiful 10/10

I like chinese soup so good !!!!

Oh that artsy tree house is gorgeous! Are flowers and decoration made from paper? So colorful!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Wow you really enjoyed the moment. Hope it was fun


Thank you :)

Some cool places to visit, @krischy
Keep taking informing photos.

Hi,perfect post.. thanks for share..

It looks great and the restaurant got me so hungry 😀

yumm! Thanks for these beautiful photos! I felt like I was there too.

Cute skirt too! I dig it!


鼎泰豐啊~~ 好一陣子沒去吃了~

Very good post! You deserve an upvote and resteem! Beautiful!

I've been to a Din Tai Fung in World Square, Sydney. In spite of the long wait (there's always a wait), they were really good! We ordered the multicolored "gem" Xiao Long Bao. I do sometimes wonder if different restaurants have various unique items on their menu depending on their region.

Also love the formatting used to make portrait images square. I might incorporate that into my own posts :0

I like your pictures .... I hope you can follow me!
Me gustaron tus fotos👍.... Espero puedas seguirme! 😘😘

I wish I could eat all that. :)

Hi krischy! You're very lovely! I enjoyed every photo on your post. Thanks so much for sharing ^^ The food looks so delicious too I wanna try it :)

Beautiful pictures of beautiful places i like and also you ... @abdikadir vote me

Help to collect 1 million for the travel with the likes xD

upvoted love your post @krischy..kindly also see my post..its kinda love and romance...https://steemit.com/poetry/@mrblu/blupost-poetry-our-love-story


Wow thats meals look so nice
@rogerblu be blessed

I am trying to learn Chinese, and hope it is OK to ask a question. Google translator only says simple or traditional, but nothing about Mandarin or Cantonese. I hope to concentrate on Cantonese, since I hope to move to Hong Kong for about 6 months one day. Is there an online translator that recognizes the differences in different types of Chinese language?


Great to hear that you are moving to Hong Kong~ Most of the time translate English to Chinese with google translator is not very accurate. Unfortunately, there is no such translator that recognise these two language as they are the same in written form. People from Hong Kong can speak English, maybe just learn it after you move here :) Learn in a Cantonese Speaking Environment can help you pick up this language quickly as learning through online translate may not be that accurate :)


I understand, and I am taking several courses on Chinese now, with Hong Kong instructors. Learning simplified writing, but wondering if that is used in signs and menu etc there, or should I be learning traditional writing.


If you plan to live in Hong Kong, learn traditional writing instead of simplified writing caz most of the words are written in traditional form. Most of the menu in the restaurants and road signs have English version, so you will be fine even if you don't understand Chinese :)


Thank you, and I will now concentrate on traditional writing, my friend

God, these Spicy shrimp make my mouth melt !

thank you for sharing your post @krischy ..it is so very colorful and lively color..

I'd love to go Hong Kong and try dim sum,you also look beautiful in that picture :)

Wow, this is a very nice post, nice to see different cultures and experiences right from my computer, you have a new follower.

Great story, i like menu

hope I'll get there one day with my family , had heard about this famous restaurant , the food look so yum.

Wow. I love looking at the place you visited in Hongkong mainly The New town plaza. It is wonderful, @krischy. Thanks.
Regard frim Indonesia.

mhm...hungry after hongkong and foods !

thanks for sharing