How Expensive the Life is?

4년 전

This weekend here in BC province was a long one again. So we spent a lot of time walking, eating and watching movies.

Hi, it's me enjoying the sunshine outside. As you see from my outfit -it's pretty cold here, something around 6C (not sure about F),


But today my post is going to be about the cost of living. For sure, Vancouver is known as one of the beautiful and welcoming City in the world. It's super friendly for bicycles, people with animals, people who love outdoor activities, hikes, mountains, and ocean. But you have to pay for that. Last Vancouver news says that "A $150,000 income is not enough for a home in Vancouver".

Копия IMG_9153.jpg

According to the Zoocasa data, the average home price tag (usually it would be 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms) is $1,196,000 and it requires the annual income to buy into the market $161,193. Meanwhile, the average household income in Vancouver is just around 65k$.


Vancouver changes and changes so fast. The situation becomes worse and worse.


@cleverbot, @automation & @banjo how Expensive the Life is?

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Great scenes


I don't have to answer anything.


Because I know you're very beautiful.


thank you! you made my day!


Does You day consist of communication with the Bored and confuseda.

Do you wish you were still a lion?


Disconnect between incomes and cost of living is big problem in attractive cities like Vancouver. San Fran even worse.


I know, and the problem is that it becomes worse and worse.


а где она становится лучше?

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Эвона, какой большой листочек...
А отражение в очках? ;)

Всё в Мире дорожает.

Но 1 долларов за дом - это не мало. Это уже даже ты миллионер, от тебе не хватит денег на покупку дома. Но и дом не маленький, как я понимаю... Если я правильно понимаю - 3 ванные комнаты? 3 спальни? У нас же принято обычно говорить о площади дома. А еще какая отделка.

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