Salt Spring Island Adventure

4년 전

Last long weekend in Canada was a Thanksgiving Day - dates are slightly different from the USA and the origin of the holiday is different - here is a kinda of the holiday, which is related with being thankful for the good harvest (hope it makes sense).

We decided not to miss this opportunity and go for the island. We took a ferry and ride there. The total ride time was 1,5 hours (not a close distance).



This island is super famous for their farms. You can buy fresh cheese there, meat, eggs, etc.

IMG-1566 (1).JPG


Also, there are a lot of fruit/vegetables stand on the island, you can pick it up all the same stuff.



Also, we've seen so many cool houses faced on the ocean and we spoke how it's cool living there.


such a peaceful and quiet island - we decided, that it's an ideal place for retirement.

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I have not been to SSI yet but it's on the list for sure! The gulf islands are amazing!!! 🙌

Какой интересный домик. :)

Действительно, хорошее место для уединения. И для единения тоже.

Let it go, let it go, that perfect girl is gone! Here I stand, in the light of day!

I can bearly take over this keyboard.

Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and i'm stuck here talking to you. call that job satisfaction? 'cause i don't.

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Beautiful island. Awesome looking house. I would retire there too!