The Pros and Cons of Owning a Motorcycle

3년 전

Due to the sickening traffic problems continuing to haunt Filipino commuters, motorcycles are exponentially gaining popularity. And, if you are considering owning a motorcycle, you probably want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you buy. Let me help you decide by reading my list.

Owning a Motorcycle: Advantages

  1. Savings. Motorcycles tend to get better mileage than most cars, so you'll save money at gas stations. Also, because motorcycles cost smaller than cars, so it also cost less money to maintain and service. And, motorcycle insurance is less too.
  2. Saves Space. Your motorcycle can fit into spaces that cars cannot.

    3.Easier and faster to clean. Because of its small dimension, it is easier and faster to clean a motorcycle.
  3. Less fuel emissions. Motorcycle tends to be more fuel efficient than most standard cars. So if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, motorcycles might help.
  4. Can fit into tight spaces. when you are stuck in traffic, you can find spaces that only motorcycles can fit.

Owning a Motorcycle: Disadvantages

  1. A fair - weather friend. In rain, extreme heat and strong winds, you might miss the shelter of a car.
  2. Less space. With a bike as your vehicle, you have less room to store your belongings and transporting friends is also limited.
  3. Safety concern. Even with a helmet on, you will be more vulnerable to elements and potential traffic accidents on a motorcycle. Ride with care.
  4. Driving in difficult conditions like wet and dirt roads become more challenging when you ride on two wheels than four.
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