🌍🍺Local Beers of Gozo Island, Malta ! 🌍🍺

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Hello steemians!
We just got back from the Republic of Malta today, and of course there is a video on the way! But for now I want to present to you a few local beers I got to try there.

If I'm talking about beer in Malta, I have to talk about the Cisk wich I had to try as it is everywhere.

It's a simple lager, nothing very interesting about this beer exept the fact that it is brewed on the Island of Malta. You will find it everywhere

So let's move on to some more interesting brewery! And more pleasant beers too :-)

Blue Label Ale | Farsons Group

blue lael farson group.jpg

This is an Amber ale from Malta I had the chance to taste in a restaurant by the sea in Gozo.
The Otters Bistro is located in the bay of Marsalforn , North Gozo. And as you can see on the picture, the sea is right unrder our feet! It's a nice place where you can eat local food and apreciate a large choice of wine too.

RobeClear amber red
AromaApple and floral
Subjesctive Note12/20

San Blas | Lord Chambray

San Blas LC.jpg

So this Brewery is furtherst south of Europe, and it's the only mirco-bewery in the republic of Malta. It's of course located in Gozo! the best island of Malta :-)
I have tryed most of their 10 beers, and I even brang a few back home!

Let's start with the English IPA
This beer has been rewarded many time and you understand why!!
Wonderfull harmony between citrus and bitter taste of the hop! And a light sweet taste too.

So if like me you love discovering new IPAs you will be glad to ass this one to your taste pallet.

BreweryLord Chambray
AromaCitrus and touch of Caramel
Subjesctive Note15/20

Blue Lagon | Lord Chambray

Blue Lagon LC.jpg

I really have a thing for Belgian-Style Wheat Beer I think!!
They are refreshing, a little bit sweet but with a lot of taste!
So of course I loved this craft beer we tasted in a cosy restaurant we stumbled on in Victoria (also called Rabbat), Gozo Island. Perfect beer before some home made raviolis with a rabbit sauce!!

Blue Lagon 2 peinture.jpg

BreweryLord Chambray
RobePale Straw
AromaResfreshing spices, Citrus
Subjesctive Note17/20

Golden Bay | Loar Chambray

So another beer from the same brewery but as it is the only one of the island, I feel excused.
I can't say I have a great memory of this beer but it's more about the situation than about the beer!
I bought this beer in a mini-market on our last day on the island and we were exausted! And quite sad too because the vacations was so great! So I won't be presenting it or rating it because it would't be fair.

Golden Bay.jpg

Here is a 3 pack I highly recomend you offer to a friend ... or keep to yourself ;-)
Oh and sorry if I have offended some Cisk fans... but I don't think there are any ^^


I submit this post to @deltev 's #beersaturday contest, If you like beers you should chek it out!

That's all for today, I will leave you with a Panoramic shot I took there, So you can immagine the atmosphere of our week!
Click on the image for a better view

Panorama 1.jpg

More will come soon hopefully so stay tuned and thank you for reading! :-)

Don't forget to check out our personal @steemitworldmap by clicking on it and if you like to travel, you can start your own, easy!

PERSONAL MAP 150218.png


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Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable mentions list in today's #TravelDigest!

J'ai soif! A quand la version française.

  ·  4년 전

Eh bien c''était pas prévu mais pourquoi pas... Peut être en même temps que la vidéo. Mais pour l'instant Amélie est malade donc elle ne peut pas enregistrer la voix off :-(


Alors je souhaite une rapide guérison à Amélie. A bientôt

Good post!

  ·  4년 전

Thank you @laucaba

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