Kamchatka's Hot Springs

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I continue the story of a trip to Kamchatka. Links to previous posts you will find at the end of this.

One day, closer to the evening, we went to the recreation center "Malka", which is located near Malka hot springs. There we had a booked house. He cost us 2000 rubles per day per person. This price included three meals a day and free access to the pool with hot water.

Here is the description of the recreation center from [official site:] (http://www.tourski-base.ru/54-baza-otdyha-malka.html)

The recreation center at Malkinsky thermal springs occupies a special place in the system of sanatoriums and resorts of the Kamchatka Krai, is an accessible tourist zone and is characterized by the presence of thermal waters. Water sources are used in the form of baths in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and organs of motion. There are thermal springs in a picturesque area on the left bank of the river. Keys (left tributary of the river Bystroy).
Waters of hydrocarbonate-chloride-sulfate sodium springs with total mineralization up to 0.7 g / l, containing silica (120 mg / l, metaboric and arsenic acid (0.1 mg / l), and bromine in a small amount. .

We arrived at the base late in the evening, but went to the pool anyway. It is located in a fenced area, under the open sky. And although the street was already cool - swimming in the pool was hot!

The next day, it was time to look around and get to know the rest base better. The base itself is not very large - several guest houses of different sizes, the administration house, the swimming pool and the dining room. Near the house there is a playground and a small field with a grid for volleyball. Near each house there is a grill with a pergola.
And here is the house in which we lived:

The base is surrounded by forests from all sides, therefore, for the safety of campers, the base is fenced with high voltage wire. Those who are not familiar with Kamchatka may be surprised - why? Of course it's protection from bears! Favorite stories of local residents are necessarily related to their meeting with the bear. Surprising, but true!

And after lunch, we went for a walk outside the base to the river.

This river is unusual in that hot springs come out on its banks in different places.

The day was sunny, but still it was September and the cool wind was already making itself felt.

And yet the nature here is beautiful!

We approach the river, and the people are already swimming!

The water in the river is cold, and from the nearby puddles there is steam:

Here and there are found buried in the ground barrels - they have constantly boiling water. They say, in it can even cook something, for example, potatoes or eggs.

I suggest a little more admire the local landscapes.

Something red is visible in a shallow but fast river. Looked closely - yes this is a red fish!

Kamchatka is an amazing land, with its own characteristics, which are unlikely to be met anywhere else! I was on hot springs for the first time and they really liked me. When you lie and relax in hot water under the open sky - all the problems and worries remain on the sidelines. No wonder these sources are called healing. I want to visit here again!

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Привет голосятам!



красиво, подписалась! жду в гости))


Спасибо!) Тоже подписался!

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