Singularities don't exist

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You have just fallen past the Event Horizon of a Super Massive Black Hole. Oh shit.

But you just remembered Newton's Gravitational Force formula:

At the bottom, you remember, r^2. So, if you are HALF the distance to an object with mass, the force will be FOUR times as great. And if you are FOUR times the distance, the force with be one SIXTEENTH as strong. Ah ha!

This is just as true for you standing on the surface of the Earth, as it is inside a Black Hole. However, because of the comparatively small mass of the Earth and your large distance from the center, the differences in forces acting on you, are negligible.

But what if they aren't? Back inside the Black Hole, there is a point called the Singularity. Everything past the Event Horizon is falling in the direction of the Singularity. If you move straight to it. If you move to the side. Even if you turn 180 degrees around and try to move away from it, the Fabric of Space around you, itself, is falling/stretching in faster than the speed of light. And thanks to Einstein you know, because nothing can move through the Fabric of Space, faster than light, you're inside, and there's no getting out.

As you're falling closer and closer to the singularity, you feel the tension starting to build in your body.

The Force acting on your feet is now twice as strong as the Force acting on your head. Then four times as strong. Then sixteen. Then 256. Then 65536... Snap.

Eventually, before you even reach the Singularity, the width of a single Proton in your brain is not wide enough, that the Strong Nuclear can keep it together. You are literally ripped into about 134500000000000000000000000000 Sub-Atomic Quarks. Each Quark falling further and further away, from each other, all in the direction of the singularity.

When everything that constitutes, "you", has been ripped to Sub-Atomic Particles, the laws of Quantum Mechanics take over. You realize, because of the Uncertainty Principle, your actual current location isn't even well defined. You realize further, that because of Einstein's Special Relativity, time slowed down, for you, as you sped up approaching the Event Horizon. As a matter of fact, and infinite amount of time had to pass outside the event horizon, for you to move even the smallest distance imaginable, closer to the singularity. So where are you?

You're on a long very long road. Moving as fast as you can. No closer to home than yesterday. In fact, yesterday was less than a moment ago.

You're on the edge of a Black Hole. Falling in at the speed of light. No closer to the singularity, than a moment ago, because you never left home.

Holographic Universe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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