My journey in Greece, mainly Thessaloniki (and some sketches) from the first day



I'd like to begin with a photo of yesterday's sunset, over the city of Thessaloniki.

Today is the second morning I wake up in Greece and it does feel amazing. Haven't slept much last night really, but I feel great and I am ready to explore the city some more! The weather is wonderful, compared to my country where I've been freezing lately :)) here we have somewhere around 15 C.

But let's stop talking about the weather for now. The first thing that hit me yesterday was how close some buildings are to each other. It almost seems like you can get onto your neighbors balcony from across the street :)) I saw that there are orange trees on the streets, which seems amazing! Never seen them before!



Also I caught the glimpse of a very nice neighbor I will be having from now on :) Isn't he/she lovely? I tried to do some sketches of him/her, but let's just say I will practice some more.



We then bought the stuff we'll need for now and moved on to the University. And let me say it right now, this is not your usual Campus. Everywhere you look, and I really do mean everywhere, there is graffiti. It looks like everyone who went to this place left a soulprint on the walls, for all to see. At first it seemed wrong, but then I really enjoyed it as I looked more into the details. Here are some of the pieces I caught until now.






And to finish this journey page I have a sketch of their well known Church Saint Sophia, Aggia Sofia, which I've drawn while waiting for my friends to get ready :) I've also added a little detail from one of the windows which I found geometrically interesting.



Can't wait to find out what today will bring, what I will draw next and what places I'll see. I'll see you all tomorrow, hopefully, with a new post!

Have a great day, friends!

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Will you be spending one semester there or all your study? I think you can see some trees on the balconies in Southern Europe quite often. I've seen many of them on my trip to Barcelona and it was quite funny as some of them were very big.

It's interesting to see an university like this but I like that they teach their students to be creative and also inspire other students by seeing these graffiti..

This is a great drawing! How long did it take you to make? I guess about 10 minutes or so, no? Not that it looks so easy to make but mainly something what I would make in half a day other people can do in a few minutes :)

Have fun in Greece and I'm looking forward to seeing some adventures from you from the time that you will spend there :)


Thanks for the message! I'll be spending only one semester here, but I'll try to profit as much as possible :)

This city seems to be a student city. There are so many cool and different people that show their personality through clothes and gestures, they are very open, which is a happy change from the place I come from. I love it!

The drawing took about 10 minutes to do, but I had to look at the church for 10 mins before so I could get the proportions right, and still I'm not happy with what I got :)) but that's what makes me try again and again.

Thanks again for the nice words, I'll be posting as much as I can and feel like, so keep in touch! :)

Welcome to my beautiful city😊 I hope you have a nice time and forget to visit the old part of the town😊😊 Amazing photos😊

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I am very happy to be here! It's an incredible town and I hope to discover it all :)

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Thank you very much guys!