Photos From The Pot Farm in California!

3년 전

This past summer, @haileyscomet and I spent some time on an organic pot farm in California called the Gaia Tree! Here are some photos of the beautiful outdoor medicine!






That's our camper and truck in the background!



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Have not seen those i real life

I guess this is marijuana plant.

Some countries, marijuana is legal for their citizen since they use it as medicine and i believe its a medicinal plant depending on its use. But if someone abuse its usage such as smoking spree then it give bad effect on their health.

But in some countries, this weed is illegal and they prohibit their citizens to use it.

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

  ·  3년 전

Beautiful clicks @mickeybeaves and is this thing legal in your area..?? I mean I've never heard this before -_-

When I was in LA I had a hard time fiding weed. I thought there would be dispensaries everywhere! Eventually I found Medmen and got some really good medz. At first it was waaaay stronger and I could barely finish a spliff but I got use to it.

I found the highway signs hilarious “ driving high is a DUI 🤣

nice traveling.wonderful photography

Nice this one is click bye me :) best of luck and follow me nice photography and so good post thanks for sharing..

The magical, healthy and beautiful green flower.....weed.....It is Mother Nature candy. *****12496345_941103145996775_1769863017240005945_o.jpg

really awesome photoshoot @mickeybeaves thanks for sharing keep it up

Hey ! This plant are grown in road sides of India but now only when I saw your post I noticed that it's a organic one.

Thanks for sharing

Smoke weed makes me feel better...

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I'm really digging these!!!

So many questions :
a) Are they a dispensary or distributing to one now?
b) Are they working in crypto or dealing with the banks?

The pics are sweet!

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California is a wonderful place.Pictures are so much beautiful.

These are refreshing shots @mickeybeaves. Thanks for that soothing feeling through these pics

Marijuanan can be used natural pesticides/organic but but in our country forbidden in use. according to the story old man in my area, several years ago they were plant it between coffee and tobacco for natural pesticides

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nice post. thanks


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@mickeybeaves very nice to see your upcoming pics mostly based on rainy seasons.....and thanks for sharing with us

I am really a Nature lover. And i promote farming. And i take Photographs of farms and other Nature's beauty.

These pictures are amazing. Angle and lightening is perfect...

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