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The past long weekend, we decided to do one of those “let’s get away to somewhere we’ve never been” things. We ended in quaint little beach town up on the west cost of South Africa, about two hours out of Cape Town called Paternoster. I know, it’s the weirdest name ever, and apparently one of the oldest fishing villages in the country.

People believe that the name, which means ‘Our Father’ in Latin, refers to prayers said by Catholic Portuguese seamen when they became shipwrecked there, so they ended up just sticking with it.

It feels very much like you’re in Greece, everything is white with touches of blue. Unfortunately it doesn’t feel like anyone actually lives there apart from local who just wanna sell you the exact same heart shell ornament, every house seems to be a rental or B&B.

Nevertheless exploring is always fun, but probably wouldn’t go back soon.

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