~~Boalia Fountain is attracting tourists~~

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The new district of Boalia is added to Mirsharai in Chittagong, which is known as the state of Jhorna. The discovery of this unique fountain from other fountains has not been long. Hundreds of tourists are running every day to see this new fountain. Here, there are five waterfalls and an inundated rocky slopes whose name is called Shanti shield. Boalia is the main spring of this trail and it is easy to untangle in the fountain. The specialty of Boalia Fountain is that the shape of this fountain is weird. Its shape is like a frogs and Boalia fish may have been named as Boalia.

Boalia is a very serious form of heavy rain, and during this time the fountain is the most beautiful of the fountain. The main water fountain is like a cave or a deep pit. It is necessary to go to the fountain in the full swim of the fountain. There are smaller waterfalls on the fountain and the corridor is very beautiful. But going over the Boalia is very dangerous and it is almost impossible for the rainy season.
Boalia Trail basically consists of two parts, northeast and south-east. Boishya is not too far behind. But in the north-east trail there are four or six small fountains of different names.
Most of the tourists are seen by Boalia, but they do not go to the shield or Nahatikum Jharna on the north side. However, to go to the slopes of the courtyard, it is very difficult to travel. The whole path is to walk through the rhythm walk.20023846_2002690269756405_5934775213437357108_o.jpg

There is plenty of water in the rainy season. Even somewhere just like a book with equal water. It is very difficult to walk due to the many sandstones of sand and many friends of this family. On him, the bamboo hawk or tree branches. This rhyme has

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