~~For 6 reasons why boys do not want to get involved~~

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Many of the married people think that marriage was wrong, I was good alone. Those who live alone are always lonely, they are always sorry for a partner. Looking for a partner like a man

Many people feel relieved about married life or just about having love. Some feel that if they get involved then life will lose their normal rhythm or freedom! In many such cases, boys prefer to live alone. However, the reasons for one person being alone are different.

US researcher Lisa Firestone said that the survey found in more than 20 thousand single men 'men's opinion was surveyed in social media and was divided into 43 sections. By analyzing these answers, psychologists can find out six reasons. These six reasons are published in the journal 'Evolutionary Psychological Science'.

  1. Basically the lack of confidence in boys is a big obstacle for getting involved in boys. So they want to stay alone.

  2. Many said that they do not want to sweat too much in relation to their relationship.

  3. Many have shown their broken relationship as a cause and they also say that they can not trust women.

  4. The survey participants had more than 660 participants' answer - they are not good to see, they want to be alone.

  5. Many people say that they do not want to build relationships.

  6. The most important reason, many men can not 'flirt'. They are very introvert and shy. So feel the need to talk to women. So they prefer to stay alone. Source:

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