Once Upon A Time in Latin America (21) Easter Island. Sky pond and birdman

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There were many volcanoes on the island. Naturally, there were more than a few volcanic lakes. I drove up according to the list of sights in the TanTu app, but the positioning was wrong again. It took me a couple of times to make sure of the site. This was a stunning alpine sky pond, huge and round as drawn by a compass. The mountain cone held the lake like a wine glass, with a gap facing the sea.

This was incomparable to the volcanoes and dry lakes have seen yesterday. Many green plants were growing in the blue lake. The yellow flowers covered the mountains to the sky. How beautiful it would be if it was sunny. See the picture taken by a UAV! Isn't it stunning?


Standing at the apex of the lake, you could see the island towns under the mountains, scattered like dust in the stormy waves.

The Birdman Village by the lake closed due to heavy rain, which was the worship of the birdman after the statue worship. This image can be seen in "Moana", and if you watched this Disney movie, you will have a deeper understanding of the Culture of South Island including Easter Island.

Driving down from the mountain, I hed to the seaside to explore the ancient bird-man cliff paintings. I went down the cliff escalator, looked up in the cave carefully. I could see the red sea bird-like graffiti barely. These rock paintings were obviously not well protected In the case of relatively severe corrosion, it was only left in the open air, and I felt that it would only be pure imagination in the near future.











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