Travels from Wollongong and the Creation of 'Wanderful Wollongong'

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Welcome to Wanderful Wollongong! (how wOnderful is that sunrise?)

As a blogger it is easy to write (it really isn't) relative to other things in my life. It's even harder to find an audience. Below was my very first blog post on our website created at the end of 2016 on I had virtually no audience on wordpress with my website falling into some kind of internet obscurity. I have come looking to share, laugh, love and find some virtual hugs from fellow travellers world-wide. Steemit may just provide that outlet. My plans are to introduce you to more of our travels of the past and future so stay near!

Here goes...

I wanted to race through this quick (first) post to ensure we captured the last hair of 2016 before another year escaped me without writing as much as I wanted.

Our blog is brand-spanking new to the Internets and we (Nick and Hayley) aspire to bring you regular content about what’s happening in Wollongong, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.

We want visitors from near and far to visit our gorgeous city and tell tales back home of what it was like in a not-so-well-known city “just south of Sydney”.

We’re excited to bring you exciting news, tips and information about more exciting overseas travel just as regularly, but we have day jobs (“Urghhh, how boring.” I hear you groan) so you’ll have to mostly settle for what we get up to around town and at home. Don’t despair, though! My mind is a box full of tangled yarn and Hayley is crazy good in the kitchen, so you’ll likely read about some gorgeous food experiments and if you’re lucky, we may post a pic or two.

Did I mention we’re vegan? There’s that too. So enjoy the ride and stay for the warm fuzzies you get when you’re with good friends.

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Beautiful photo Nick & Hayley.

100% upvote because it made me miss my hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts and seeing the lighthouses.



I just googled Marblehead.. oh isn't it gorgeous! Founded in 1629! I hope the lighthouse brought back fond memories. Don't dwell on the past. Appreciate where it has taken you and delight in it's power to soar you into the future!

I'm currently writing my latest blog post.. bear with me!



I will look forward to reading it!


Interesting thoughts


Thanks. Have you considered visiting Australia? Where are you from?