Barcelona: Sagrada Familia

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In Barcelona there is a building, which is more than 120 years old - it is the Temple of the Holy Family.
When his architect - the most famous Gaudi was asked why the project is delayed, he replied: "My client is in no hurry .."

In fact, after starting the construction of this miracle, it was decided that the temple will be built only on the donations of parishioners.
Hence the duration of construction.

At the same time, since 1882, when the church began to be built, it grew to an incredible size and overgrew with a number of interesting and sometimes mysterious elements ...

The height of the temple is only one meter below the local mountain Montjuic - yet above the creations of God should not rise, according to Gaudi.

Gaudi was absurdly killed under a tram in the 1920s, when the temple was rebuilt only by 20% and only in the 40s the works were continued.
It is planned that it will be completed by the centenary of the death of Antonio Gadi - by 2026.

All the walls of the temple are richly decorated with various bas-reliefs and statues.
And here all styles were mixed, without breaking the general balance and grandeur.

Each facade carries its own meaning, conveying a narrative about the life and works of Christ.
Here is the southern one - with the main entrance.

It is said that when portraying babies, Gaudi took the real ones and temporarily dumped them with chloroform to remove the casts from their faces ...

Here, on the doors of the facade (by the way, called the facade of the Passion), the words of the Bible are poured in different languages, including the Catalan about the last two days of Christ ..

Among hundreds of words - dozens of interesting details:

mathematical symbols (here 16 numbers are formed in 310 different combinations always give the number 33 - the age of Christ),

secret symbols

even coins ..

Or maybe it's the autographs of the authors?

Mechanisms, icons, ... bolts

Again symbols ..

Inside the unreal beauty ..
You fall into some fantastic cave.

Light and flows, getting inside through windows of different shapes

and colored stained-glass windows ..

We rise upwards.
Forests, forests ..

Each tower, from 12 to the project, is dedicated to its apostle. The spire of each and them is decorated with symbols of episcopal rank.
It is difficult to imagine that every (!) Element of decor Gaudi invented and calculated himself ..

From the height of the beautifully visible Barcelona.

The Agbar Tower. By the way, its side, turned to the temple, is specially designed for its better inspection.

Twin Towers at the city beach.

Gothic parsley.

And someone just lucky to live here))

"People are cockroaches .."
On the right, by the way, cash desks.

Inside the building is very interesting acoustics.
Which is not surprising because of the size of the towers ...

The construction of the temple causes a lot of controversy.
Gaudi did not leave detailed drawings, some of the other documents and mock-ups were destroyed by fire.
Many are opponents of this eccentricity, others are defending Gaudi's ideas ...

But despite this, the sacred building continues ..
Since 2010, the temple was consecrated by the Pope and he was good for church services.

In general, want a miracle - go here!
All the excellent start of the working week!

All photos in my blog were taken only by me.
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ancient art may be.

Great post and photos. I visited Sagrada Familia a couple of years ago and loved the details and diversity of styles of the building. The magic square with Jesus' age and the 1m below the mountain were definitely my favourite details. ;) Great original profile, I'm now following you.

Привет! Следую за тобой, коллега :)


super cool, was in barcelona in 2004, great images !

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Gaudi, magician :) beautiful post, so happy to find your articles here.