How Russia lives: Vtorovo

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This ancient Russian village is known since the 16th century. Then the village was called Three Pond.
Once it was the domain of the doomed nobleman Akinfov, and already in Soviet times, the future technical staff prepared local peat fields.
Today there are fewer people here than at the beginning of the last century. Less than a thousand people.

Vladimir region. Kameshkovsky district, village Vtorovo.
Once upon a time, a large state farm with its own attention, the airfield reminded of itself only a rickety sickle and a hammer, as well as the ruins of a control tower over a runway overgrown.

Fields in the district are not sown.
Maybe it's special - on the horizon saw grazing grains. Herd, of course, ridiculous by Soviet standards - goals 10-20.

But the road to the village is nothing.
Before the village.

I decided to stop at the ruins of the former state farm.
Surprisingly, life in the local SEC is still warm. Even smoke is ...

Smoke came from a local warehouse with hay.
-What's here, photoshoot what? cursed me.
It's understandable, on a day off it's unpleasant to put out fires, especially when the owners of the burnt good can not find a few hours.

Do not you dare go into the barn! Everything is smoldering there.

Of course I will not go, that I'm bad? ..

Something was saved, and yet the hay for the winter was hopelessly lost.
I think it's no longer possible to feed them cows.
Will they buy. Or sell cows?

Positive meeting, do not say anything ..
But here is the village itself.
It was actually called Three Ponds and Arkhangelsk, but the Second became in the 18th century.
Akinfov, a nobleman, was not a poor comrade, and the inhabitants of the landowner village were people with hands-and the tillers and roofers and bricklayers.
The wealth of those times has reached even to this day.


One of the three streets of the village is being dug.
Did they decide to build a water pipe?


The second decade of the 21st century! BELL!!!

Of course, there was always a big temple in a rich village.

Naturally, with security.

The Church of Michael the Archangel, built at the end of the 17th century with the money of that very rich landowner - Nikita Ivanovich Akinfov.
By the way, the nobleman donated well to Vladimir, where his means, including, was built and the monastery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.
Classicism, a small tent belfry and a wire.

The churchy churchyard is interesting.
I do not know how miraculously all this has been preserved, but the local monuments here are in large numbers and in good condition..

And some are just works of art!
I've never seen anything like it.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to get inside, because it's a day off.


And here are the ponds near the temple.
I do not know when and what ancient civilizations they dug up. Information about this has not reached us.
The only thing, now there is only two ponds.

But they definitely have a fish.

Fishermen, what is this?

And there are ducks.

Absolutely nothing is afraid, although not domestic.

They eat bread, but they do not go to hand.

The second pond grows.
In winter there is probably a good hockey ground, and in summer it is convenient to take water in case of fires, God forbid.

He stood and thought about it, until the fire flickered out from behind.
-Clean the car off the road, we again put out the hay!
My wife quickly drove away, and the men went on to do important business on the day off.
Well, I said goodbye to rural Russia and returned to the concrete, but crowded and lively city ...

All photos in my blog were taken only by me.
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With best regards @Nikitinskiy

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thx for sharing

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Awesome place!

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Beautiful houses, in old days people really appreciated crafts and beauty of hand work . Thank you for sharing with us this unusual place.

Послам голоса привет!

great job 👍🏼