Kamchatka. The Bay of Russia

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A unique place in Kamchatka.
Quiet and picturesque bay, where during the war, escorts were loaded with lend-lease cargo from the USA and Canada to Vladivostok.
And in the peaceful spent real "drunk" flights on passenger liners with concerts in a local restaurant.

The bay was first explored in the late 18th century.
The entrance to it seems very small, and almost can not be seen from the vast Pacific Ocean.

Stretched and narrow.
There are almost no waves and no wind, which is stopped by hills.
From the ancient times here lived the itelmen, who called the bay Ahomten.
Almost ten kilometers inland and a depth of over 26 meters allow ships to enter almost any size.

Favorable conditions attracted trade and military vessels.
Once there was a whole village, where there was even a restaurant.
In a calm environment, the ships redistributed cargo, formed caravans, waited for the storm and harvested supplies.
There are also funny stories about "drunken" flights in the Soviet years, when in a bay from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky they carried 100-200 people on pleasure liners to walk around and drink wine.
And nowadays only two rusty skeletons of the vessels "Ryleev" and "Uda" remain at the shore. Are, apparently, for a convenient "parking".

Most recently, there was a base of local border guards, but with the development of technology, the physical presence of people is constantly no longer required.

Although some houses are worth.
Judging by the boats next to them, most likely now poachers are resting here.

We anchored near the rusty giant.

Look, what an incredible beauty turquoise water ..

The first group descends ashore to a flat pebble beach.

Now I am.
Was tempted everywhere to climb, but was afraid to soak his boots.

Slippery and colored Kamchatka pebbles.
I typed, of course ..

Stones are bigger.

And huge boulders of almost equal shape.
Conspirologists and researchers of ancient civilizations will clearly see here the remains of some foundation.

And I saw only a stunning imagination of beauty.
Absolute silence, bright sun, smooth water surface and huge hills. Like any fjord in Norway, only your own, soulful.

So would have climbed this stone now and was sitting ...

Already in June, but the snow is still there.
Impressive can detect the traces of a bear on it. Bears lovers here to take a walk - and the herb tasty grows, and the fish can throw what on the shore.
Therefore, we only walk together.

By the way, there is a steady sea smell near the shore, mixed with the aroma of algae.
We breathe deeper!

The whole pasture of seashells!

A little further on the shore - plants.
Moss and greens do not hesitate to be placed directly on the stones.

Well, it's a miracle!

By the way, here on these pipes, ships arriving here were typing drinking water.
From the mountains directly into the bay comes a natural spring with insanely clean and delicious water.
Fresh water here is a real strategic reserve, the volume of which is estimated at 3 million tons per year.
I wanted to get on the pipes on board, but did not dare.

The structure goes shaking, and the ground is already rotten.
And I have children ...

On the boat the third bell rings.
It's time to board. The boat follows us.

A couple of hours here fly like one magical moment.
The pictures are unique, wherever you turn your head.

I want not to take my eyes off, soaking up every white slope, every green spot on the shore, catching the salty wind and the warm rays of the sun.

Secret entrance to the rock? ..

A little more, and now you can see the lighthouse "Russian" on Cape Entrance.
It seems small, and in fact it is 8 meters high.

Behind him a panorama opens up to Cape Kekurny, where the family of Steller Sea lions is now splashing.

On the left, steep cliffs, Namyanniy Cape, breaks into the sea.

Another couple of minutes, and you're back in the mighty and boundless Pacific ...
Good-bye, Russian, I hope to see you again ...

All photos in my blog were taken only by me.
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With best regards @Nikitinskiy

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pretty unique piece of the world, my parents went by there on a cruise one-time... beautiful photos / resteemed (-:


That was the ship they've used?!

Суровые, но красивые места. Есть , что посмотреть. Отличные фотографии.


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