Fethiye Lookout


I spent a couple days exploring Fethiye, Turkey. Touristic, but for good reason. Made some quick friends via CS and spent a solid day hiking, exploring waterfalls, gorges, fields of grapes, pomegranates, olives. We came back exhausted but the day wasn't finished.

Ambitious and undaunted we decided to make the hustle up to the west of town to the vibrant green hill peninsula with a mass of radio towers parked on top in order to capture the sunset from an advantageous position. 17h30 we set foot on the path, sun sets at 19h00, google says it takes 90 minutes to climb the hill, we loaded up on some beers and fired up the hill. 20 minutes early, we arrived, nice.

The sunset was beautiful, as most are, however sometimes it's worth taking a look behind you!


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