London color always surprises Me

3년 전

London always surprises me with a riot of colours. London, U.K - whpcolorpalette .jpg
London is among many places which surprises me of the diversity of color it holds...
I am travel geek and love to click picks where ever possible and yes i do carry my DSLR always with me (except entering washrooms)...
Dont know whether this hobby will lead me to some beautiful destination or not but yes fuck that who gives a damn...This is what brings peace in me and i am staying on this forever...

May be this is my start or may be more waiting is to done to get into the league of professionals,this is what is my life and This is what i Choose.


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Cool color :)

@obaidb2 i agree with u.


I am following uh to see you next work😘

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Nice job. All the best.