Loving Life

4년 전

Hello #SteemitCommunity. I just arrived here,  introduced here by Coach Steve. Since I just got here, I don’t know much about this social media and I would be very happy to get some flesh on the bone. so to speak. I am Lady, at the moment spending my happy retirement in 5 essential life interests,   happiness in mind and spirit and health through positive thinking. I love travelling a lot and take photographs of the places I   visit at every angle.  I am a grandmother of  2 children and 3 grandchildren whom I often spend many timeless  moments with. I am  happily married and live on an island near Stockholm, Sweden. I love and love alot, but not the way a few of many  might be thinking.


The link is an edited stylized photo of me using photolab pro.

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Wow! Thanks a lot. Hoping for more followers who can give me hints how this could work for me.
I have lots of photos on flikr. How can I update my post with photos from flikr?

Hi @oliviahearst...welcome to Steemit😄 🤑 🤝 It is so good to see you here . It will be awesome to be in contact with so experience person 😇 Please send my regards to your grandchildren. Your love for travelling and photography will help you a lot here. You can share with us the experiences of visiting those places and also can upload photos . All the Best...Will be waiting for your next post 👼


Thank you @steemitland. At the moment I am still learning how to use Steemit. It could take some few days. I have been to Rome recently and took bunch of photos from there, will of course post some photos from there, got some friendly tips for those who have not been to that city yet. Shall be in Paris for a couple of days next weekend.


Wow...that's great 😃