Rejected from the USA (video/podcast)

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I didn't think I'd be welcomed into the USA by being interrogated and stuck in a small room for 48 hours, but that's life.

Arriving to O'Hare airport, I was told to wait so they could ask me a few more questions. I was detained for hours and finally told I would not be allowed to enter the USA on the ESTA visa waiver program, due to my deportation from Mexico two years prior, and as a perpetual traveller, it wasn't clear where my home was.

I sat and meditated quite a lot during those couple of days, looking for reasons to be grateful. It's funny, because in good times I don't always think too much about how to be happy. But in tough times, I always put in the extra effort, so paradoxically I can be happier in the face of adversity. And so, despite external factors, I must proclaim my visit to the USA as a success.

A one-time home to liberty, then people could arrive in the US by Ellis Island as ship crew, passenger or even stowaway and receive an immigration visa. Now, that is certainly not the case. At least I know there are plenty of places in the world that will treat me more kindly.

Listen to the podcast here: Rejected from the USA - The Paradise Paradox Episode 214

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The modern version of Nazi Germany or the USSR... the USSA. It's a damn shame they have to hinder peaceful people. But it's an example of the lower consciousness that exists and is perpetuated by ignorance and stupidity of government.

I appreciate the message you shared. I am certainly grateful to be on the outside of the USSA. Keep on being you Kurt! Much love and respect.


Thanks Michael, much appreciated!

Sorry, The US is no longer your home and no longer the land of liberty.

Further, the statue of liberty is not on Ellis Island.
That is from a past that no longer exists.


It never was my home, so that doesn't bother me so much. I never said the statue of liberty was on Ellis Island...


Half of the people remember the Statue of Liberty being on Ellis Island
Half of the people remember the Statue of Liberty being on Liberty Island

thank you for sharing this experience with us and for the wonderful attitude you continue to have. So many people now are getting detained around the world and can not travel where they wish to, and then so many of us take it for granted as so rightly expressed that when it happens it is then a shock, but I think it needs to because then perhaps more people will listen, cos so many don't seem to care when it is about immigrants. I agree so much with you about being grateful, to express our gratitude and also we need to use our voices and yes we all deserve to be happy. Thank you for this xx

I'm sorry this happened. It's pretty sad the turn the world, especially the US, has taken. I'm so glad you're able to keep your gratitude and positivity. Ultimately I believe we are headed for a beautiful transition, but there's this painful bit first. So glad I don't live there anymore.

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