Ever seen a penguin in the Austrian mountains?

2개월 전

Hi everyone!

I am in Austria right now. I am taking a break for a week to enjoy the gorgeous views from the mountains. What a huge difference here compared to the never ending cold in Antarctica. Although... There is still some snow here on the summits which makes me feel a bit home :)

There is so much to see here in the Tyrolean Alps. Crystal-clear mountain lakes, rushing waterfalls and high glaciers. Beautiful!

It's one big hiking paradise here with many cable cars and lifts. So, today is another day to get up to one of the summits. After all, nothing is more relaxing than breathing in the fresh mountain air!

Here are a few pictures of the mountain landscapes that I took yesterday.







I stay here for a week, so don't expect 'Statistical posts' from me this week ;-)

Have a good one!

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What a cool place, have fun

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lovely - you should check out Innsbruck!

Have fun!

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Its a refreshing post from the steem animal that only explains tru graphs 😀

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It's been many years since I traveled through that section of Austria and stayed mostly in Innsbruck when stopping to rest...with fond memories.

Check out @delishtreats recent photographic posts about her visiting Tirol if you care to...they are beautiful shots.

You Deserve a Break @penguinpablo ......Thank You for all that you do for the community..........

Wow, i hope you enjoy your holiday here in Austria. Greetings from Linz (Austria).

Stunning scenery of the magnificent mountains and wonderful bright blue sky and white clouds! This looks relaxing and refreshing. The bridge is amazing.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

I love this post! This is more up my alley, as opposed to the crypto stuff. Please more of this! NOW: Did you ACTUALLY WALK over that suspension bridge???


Absolutely! It was 70 meter above the ground with an amazing view.


Jeez! I would have peed my pants or worse. My hubby likes driving those ancient passes over the Alps; I need a bottle of cognac beforehand just to calm my nerves. And that's in a perfectly good car, with guard rails by the road :)


Like this one... Col de la Bonette - Restefond (2,800 m)

Gorgeous photos ... enjoy your break, and we'll be ready for the data when you return, nice and rested!

It's a beautiful place. Enjoy your break. There's more to life than Steem.

Gorgeous. Been in Tyrol twice, winter and summer. Love the views and fresh air.

Haha... I first read "Australia" and thought this looks quite strange for Australia :-D
Nice shots :-)
You've been waiting for the best weather. We will have some nice hours of sushine mixed with some clouds in the next days, not too hot and not too cold.
Enjoy your trip ;-)

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