5 Must Visit Places In Poland

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Poland -

officially the Republic of Poland. Located in the center Europe with Warsaw standing as its capital city. It has a population of about 38 mln. people and land area of even 310,000 square kilometers (120,000 sq mi).

For most people living outside of Europe, Poland might not look like an attractive country to visit. But this time, since Steemfest3 is taking over Poland (to be more accurate, Krakow) every Steemfest3 attendee will have a chance to truly experience Poland.



Probably the most emotional place in Poland. A place with cruel history behind which dates back to second World War times when Nazis took over Poland. The numbers behind how many victims there were are shocking. However, thank God everything is over and now we have an incredible memorial of history from which we can learn not to repeat the same mistakes.


Work sets you free (Arbeit Macht Frei)



Krakow has been on my wish list for quite some time now. I've been to Poland multiple times (my country and Poland are neighbors), but I've yet had a chance to visit Krakow. But this time I'm glad that Steemfest3 will be taking over Krakow, I'll finally have a chance to visit it (although I was hoping for more tropical country to be home for Steemfest3) I've always wanted to explore southern part of Poland, it always seemed nice. Architecture is probably the most attractive thing for me there. Also, not that far from Krakow there are Tatra Mountains or so called Polish Alps (more about them below in this post).




A lovely coast town in the north of Poland, laying down side by side with Baltic Sea. If you want to feel medieval atmosphere and spend some time without car, you might consider visiting this city. It has its very own unique style, high buildings with very sharp roofs and balconies and many beautiful bridges above wonderful river Vistula. And as I mentioned above about spending some time without car, it's because this city is full of narrow but gorgeous streets.



Tatra Mountains

One of the most attractive places in Poland - Tatra Mountains. Located right between Slovakia and Poland. It's an amazing place to go hiking and camping during warmer seasons and during winter you may try skiing. Also, good news for Steemfest3 attendants, you can find Tatra Mountains just couple of hours away from Krakow.




The grand capital of Poland. City famous for its quick urban cultural rise. Warsaw is in fact a very diverse city. Everyone here would find its place. Poland has indeed a very rich history which can be clearly noticed by the number of different museums, monuments and other memorials which are built across the country, especially in Warsaw. Besides that, artists love this city. Warsaw is once again full of different galleries as well as streets which are full of some sort of art which dates back to even 60s. Besides all that, Warsaw has an amazing vibe. In the streets there can be seen quite a lot of hipsters who bring the really warm vibe to the city



Pictures are sources themselves. Just click on them.

These type of posts are like notes to myself. Some places I plan to visit, some I already have visited. For me it's good option to share and keep stuff for myself in one place.

Thanks for your time!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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