Which country has the best foods in the world?

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In terms of a wide variety of selection, the foods in US can be considered best because it has something for everybody.

- Country style dishes including BBQ meat.

- Mexican dishes including quesadillas and enchiladas.

- Chinese food with buffets.

- Spicy Indian food including the different types of biryanis.

- Seafood places that offer all you can eat shrimp and sushis.

You can eat a different dish everyday and not have the same item if you really want to taste a variety of items.

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Obsessed with chinease food with buffets!!!
What is your favorite food?😚
Haven't seen you in a couple of days, and your absence is greatly noticed!!!
I hope all is well with you. ✩💛✩
Wishing you a delightful long week-end my friend 💚💜 xxxx

I have quite a list of favorite foods (can't say they are all healthy but they taste so goooood! 😋). I just ate some goat curry that my mom cooked for lunch, and I already want more!

My parents are visiting here after 5 years, so I am spending time with them. I do check in here at Steemit but the next few days will be minimal.

Thanks for noticing! 😘 I wish you a good and happy weekend too. Mine will involve a short road trip. 🚗