Big Buddha at Wat Phra Yai Temple, Pattaya, Thailand

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I visited Big Buddha Temple in Pattaya, Thailand on July 7, 2018. This temple is located on the top of Pratumnak Hill. It's located at the middle of Pattaya & Jomtien Beach. You will see a formidable Eighteen-Meter-tall statue of Buddha in the middle of forest. This statue is the biggest statue in this area. The temple Wat Phra Yai was built in 1940. That time only a fishing village was there in spite of Pattaya. This temple is very famous among tourists because of Big Buddha statue.

This place is full of flowers with less crowds, fragrance from incense gives us a refreshing feelings. There are many smaller Buddha. We can see the beach view of Jomtien as well as the hall of pavilion painted by a great wall mosaic.

Golden dragons on the staircase spreads on the entire handrails which attracts visitor most. We need to walk some meters to reach this place.

We can see many local traders who are selling birds with cage. People wishes to free them to receive blessings from god. You can make some donation here for the Monks.

You have nothing to pay to visit this temple it's free. You can go through songtaew or Baht Bus for something about 100 Baht. There is also a Chinese Shrine opposite to this temple.

If you have knowledge of Buddhism and Tao religion, we will have loved this place with a great memory with you.


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@printskill Whenever I go to Thailand, I will visit this places definitely without fail. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful videos and information. @teky

This an another good article on Thailand by @printskill. The Big Buddha is a real Big and beautiful. It most attractive place to visit. @gamemarket