California Travels Day 2!

3년 전


Good afternoon everyone! After a long day spent on the beach I found myself ending the night on the Hollywood Boulevard Strip! To be honest this place reminded me much of Las Vegas, and I had so much fun bar hopping along this crazy street! There were so many great shops and restaurants, it was truly the best way to soak in the Hollywood lifestyle, even on the ground, there are plaques for the most famous movie stars engrained into the sidewalk!

One thing that I have noticed while here is that the fruit is so delicious! My friend and I have been going to the local grocery store in Manhattan Beach and the selection is wonderful! All of the fruits and vegetables are locally grown and must be really soaking in that Californian sun!


After some much needed rest today, the agenda is taking us back to the beach for some more great photos! Although it is a little cloudy here today, the temperature is still very nice!


Stay tuned for Cali Day 2!

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That does look like Vegas! Hope it’s nice and warm there. Have fun!


Very much so, I felt like I was back on the Vegas Strip! The weather was very nice, I love the tropical temperature!

That looks amazing, I'm looking forward to Day 2!


Glad you like it!

Wow ... what fine you write to know how you are doing, beautiful pictures, friend, I imagine you're having a great time. I congratulate you and may God accompany you in every step you take. I have problems with the Internet, and I have not been able to see the photos, later I will try it ..Chao amigo enjoys @ purefood


Thank you for those kind words @perlanacarda! I had such a great trip and the support and interest you showed, made it that much more fun! I hope you have the opportunity to make it out there as well!

My dear friend, you are having a great time, I feel your emotion as if it were mine, I love knowing about you and that you tell me the details, Hollywood I know it is very nice I see it on TV, I send you greetings from Venezuela!


Hey @jennimorillo! Sometimes I feel the same way, I really like discussing our passions on here! I was actually thinking on my trip, how amazing it would it be to travel in South America!

Good to hear, what has been your favorite part of the trip so far? @purefood


The weather was probably my favorite, being able to sit out in sun was very nice!


Yeah it beats this crazy midwest weather right now.

You're in Vegas now. This place is very beautiful. This is where you will enjoy this place.


Oh no, haha, I meant the place reminded me of Vegas! It was the Hollywood Strip then!

good place my friend .. have a nice day ;)


I agree, it was amazing! Thank you, you as well!

I love the beach and the fruits that are locally grown I think that is the best because they are fresh, that you continue enjoying your trip

This is how it looks like las vegas, it's a nice place that's good that you enjoy california and you can also get fresh healthy food @purefood

Qué tal amigo, que hermosa quedaron y fotografías