Day 3-Los Angeles To Denver

3년 전


Good evening! After another morning of traveling, and I have found myself in Denver, Colorado! It was honestly a spur in the moment decision and is going to be more fun than ever! Tomorrow I am planning to trek all of the way west to Glenwood Springs and check out the infamous hot springs and mountains.



I got some great sunset shots on the beach last night! I am so happy that I can finally check California off my bucket list and will definitely go back there someday!

Have a great rest of the night!

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What good to know about you, and what you are enjoying, is rich when you achieve a goal that was a simple desire, today my admiration grows more towards you, because you are a responsible person and keep their promises. I love that sunset, which says goodbye languid, with those special colors, which give us the promise that tomorrow will be very intense. Greetings and thank you very much for sharing every day of that unmatched experience, @ purefood


Such wonderful words @perlanacarda! Thank you very much for your inspiration! I am loving the adventure we are facing out here and there is much more to come!

Oh my friend @purefood I see that you are having a great time, beautiful sunset is like a work of art


It is such a beautiful photo, and I have much more! Cannot wait to share them!

Just bouncing around! Hope you're enjoying your trip


Yessir, it's a crazy trip! Got to do another one sometime soon!

Beautiful sunset in LA. Enjoy Denver, it's a great city. I posted a few really good restaurants a few weeks ago.


Thank you so much @cookit, oh yes I remember, maybe we'll have to check out some of those same restaurants!

Was great to see your pictures of Cali, looking forward to seeing more of Colorado as well. Would love to see some shots of the mountains and food over there!


Thank you very much @khaleelkazi! I am very glad you enjoyed them! Yes, I cannot wait to get some great shots of the mountains here!

How are you doing? I see that very well, I hope you enjoy this new adventure that if you take many photos


I am doing very well @andrina thank you so much! We are in the midst of planning our day trip adventure now!

wow... so nice. wonderful trips


Thank you so much for the support!

You are welcome in morocco next time


I would love to travel to Morocco! It is definitely on my list!

How nice that you are enjoying this trip, I will wait for the photos of those hot springs I love the photos of beaches, rivers, etc


Thank you very much @yesslife! It is so great to hear from you!

i like it excillente nice post