Day 4- Idaho Springs Colorado!

3년 전


Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday I went on an adventure to Idaho Springs, Colorado! It's about an hour drive to the west from Denver, even just the drive over there was breathtaking. Just a short distance outside of Denver are these vast mountain ranges and you can see them for miles.


Once we were out in the mountains, I hadn't realized how cold the it got out there! Once the sun started to go down, the temperature was near freezing! Next time I go up in the mountains I am going to plan accordingly for extreme temperatures.


We took a drive to Echo Lake which is a little bit south from downtown Idaho Springs. The scenery was so amazing, I had such a great time filming and photographing these views. Along the way we stopped several times to grab some pictures and even attempt to fly a drone, but the wind was too powerful, we nearly lost the drone! One of my goals is to start creating and posting 4k video quality drone footage. The friend I am traveling with is big on Instagram and is planning on joining us here on Steemit very soon! Check out his content at @Takeflightgo!


My plan is to release some awesome video footage on DTube, the decentralized platform which uses Steem, once I am able to do some editing.


I am just coming to end of my travels here, it was a lot of fun and stay tuned for more great posts and pictures!

Have a great day

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Beautiful photos, hope you enjoyed!


Thank you so much! I did!

hello friend, good to hear from you, write with such passion of your tour, that causes to make a suitcase and travel unpredictable and majestic destinations, the landscapes are extraordinary, and I really applaud your initiative to share with your followers these images so beautiful that we They fill us with light and hope, especially for Venezuelans who are living in crisis. and it is impossible for us to do tourism. Good friend besides working, enjoy everything you can, remember that the day we make the last trip, we take the empty suitcase. We only have the memories, God be with you @purefood


Thank you very much for the support @perlanacarda and for the beautiful words! I am very sorry to hear that you guys are living in crisis over in Venezuela, I hope it subsides very soon! My wishes are to continue posting wonderful travel videos and I am so excited that I have your attention!


Esperando excelentes noticias tuyas, amigo@purefood

Great post @purefood! The sky is so blue, especially in that first picture! It's incredible to see such an amazing view!


It was a breathtaking place! I cannot wait to go back, taking pictures there was so much fun!

Wow very beautiful and amazing place,keep enjoying dear, we will wait for more stunning posts and pictures...


Thank you @evandesign! Appreciate the support and cannot wait to share more!

Beautiful place, I think you should be warm because of the cold. I'm glad to know that you're enjoying it, we enjoy it with you through the images @purefood

Colorado and the whole northwest have an awesome landscape. I had the chance to see it some years ago on a roadtrip to yellowstone...

Hello my friend @purefood I already wanted to know about you and your adventure! It is definitely a beautiful place and the view of the mountain is magnificent, those houses are amazing, I am fascinated with the idea of you making videos showing us your trip and I would be the first one to see them since I feel that I travel with you. I would love to go to the place where you are. Enjoy the experience to the fullest. Greetings from Venezuela, I wish you could come to South America one day, I am very grateful to you.

I'll be waiting for your next publication!

Wow the place is looking no more than a dream looking forward for video.

the pictures and the way you count the trip is fantastic.

excellent pictures, I hope many more like that, enjoy your trips, greetings !!

Beautiful view! The third photo is interesting because of how different hues of blue are shown.

Nice picture @purefood. Have a nice holiday.

The photos are very natural ,, very impressive