Good morning Alicante!

2년 전

Hi Steemians! I recently started a one hour morning routine that includes walking on the beach and watching the sunrise. I will share my best images here. Hope you like them!

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You should think about using the #goldenhourphotography tag for this post.

There is a group that curates photos and does a weekly post of the best goldenhourphotography

I like the way you caught the sun in between the trees.
The clouds around the sun make it look like an asteroid about to hit the earth, or a portal.


Thank you very much! I will definitely use that tag from now on.


The account @photocontests hold many contests if you look at the bottom of the previous post I sent you it sponsors 2 different tags everyday.

They are beautiful...


Thank you! I also have some videos of the sunrise. I will post them soon. Cheers

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