Now Living in Siem Reap, Cambodia

4년 전

I haven't posted here a lot due to the whirlwind of things going on.

I've moved to Cambodia!

Advantages of Cambodia:

  1. Visas are easy as pie
  2. It's cheap!!
  3. Food is better than Ukraine
  4. They use the US dollar as currency, which until crypto takes over helps with foreign transaction fee BS.
  5. Very open to foreign entrepreneurs.

Disadvantages of Cambodia:

  1. It's "fuck you" hot almost all the time.
  2. Very little is available for sale outside of Phnom Penh
  3. Electricity is pricey.

What am I up to?

Well, as of now I'm in like 3 different business ventures/startups and all are moving at a rapid pace. It's kinda crazy because I have to force myself to sleep.

Why should you come here?

For starters: if you are an artist there are a TON of galleries and such here taking advantage of the cheap cost of living. Painting and drawing supplies and such are actually easily available in a shop in the mall basically devoted to such things.

If you are a tech ninja, the lack of visa runs is a nice plus. I prefer Thailand BUT with my girlfriend being Vietnamese that makes the frustrating visa situation there much worse for long term chilling. Maybe when I'm richer.

Let me know if you are in the area, and we can hang out.

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Very cool man, only been to Siem Reap once, but I loved it. Is crypto gaining ground out there? Are the locals into it? I'm relatively new to the game, but have many friends doing similar things in other parts of the world. Cheers!


Yes! Crypto is gaining ground. There are bitcoin ATMs and there are cafes and such where you can pay with bitcon. Other crypto hasn't arrived yet.

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Cool. I haven't heard from anyone about what it's like in Cambodia. Thanks for the info


It's either "Hot" or "Fuck you hot". Shorts and sunscreen in winter.

It's also the wild west. You can do anything just about out here. There are plenty of stores that will sell you a weed pizza, right on the main strip.


Weed pizza!!??? And that's legal?