Birch Knob Birthday Weekend

3년 전
  • Jenny Falls



In Clintwood Virginia there is a huge Observation Tower in the Jefferson National Forest and is the highest summit of Pine Mountain. The deck is at an elevation of 3,144 feet above sea level with a tough 183 steps to reach the top.

Once on the deck you can see 5 states, even Ohio on a clear day. Plus the most amazing view I have ever seen in my life. Its a great place to star gaze or which in my case to see the full moon rise.

  • Moon Rising



Me my dad and @intrepidthinker also went on a 2 mile hike to a 50ft waterfall that was amazing. If it would have been after a good rain the water would of been flowing more. So I done a quick meditation so close to the waterfall I could feel the mist hitting my body. Next to the waterfall was a huge cave we had to check out. That's when we proceeded to crack open a ice cold Brewski and relax from the long walk.

  • Meditation mode


  • The waterfall started to pour from @intrepidthinker mouth it was unbelievable!!!


  • The cave


  • My dad


After the long hike back, manly uphill we set up camp at the cabin. Had to collect firewood then took a birthday shot for the BIG 31. I took my drone with me but we were so busy and the wind was to strong to fly it. That was the only disappointment of the trip because I was gonna fly it as high as I can off the tower and post the video. Even though it probably would of lost control and wrecked to never be seen again but it would of been worth it. Was a great trip and had a blast with my pops and bro!!!!!

  • The cabin


  • Shots by the fire to end the night


  • Thank you for checking out my post and getting a glimpse of my adventure. Until next time check out more of my post @robomode
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You must be new here have'nt seen you on here. I like your post.


I heard you was moving down next month?


Yes sir can't wait.


And Happy Birthday !

I'm glad you had a great birthday. So happy you came back safe and not attack by wild animals (BEARS)


I had a gun, I would of brought you back a fur coat!!!

awww, too bad about the drone! glad you had fun though!



Thank you

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Good stuff! I need to get into the forest soon.... is there a way to find other virginia steemians?


Have you ever been to the devils bathtube in norton Va


I have not. Good for swimming?


yes google it, breathtaking