"The Fountain Of Youth"

3년 전

From the beginning of time, everyone has searched for the fountain of youth and it has been in St. Augustine, Florida the whole time!!!!


It all started with Alexander The Great in the fourth century B.C. Legend has it that he found the "Water Of Life" somewhere in the middle eastern part of the world.

While on vacation in Florida, I seen a flyer of Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. So I had to go check it out and see with my own eye's. It was an amazing experience with a lot of history behind it. Ponce de Leon was the first ever recorded European to set eyes on Florida while searching for the "Fountain Of Youth". Which is a magical water source that could reverse the ageing process and cure any illness.


The fountain of youth was an artesian well that we actually got to drink from. The only bad experience was the smell and taste of the water. The smell and taste of the water was of Rotten Eggs but I still drank it. To this day my ageing has reversed and i'm healthier than I have ever been. Just Joking it kind of made my stomach hurt Hahaha.
Before I left I had to buy some to take home just in case it really worked.


All in all it was a great adventure. Thank you for reading my post, if you liked it please upvote and resteem. For more great adventures follow me @robomode

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This is why you look so young the secret is out

What if they just tried to trick everyone, and it was really just poison. Lol

Sounds like there is a high concentration of sulfur in the water there. Is it a well bubbling up straight from the depths of Hell?

Wish I could have went to this place! One day!


There was a high concentrate of sulfate minerals in the well that's what gave it the rotten egg smell. I thought I wrote it in the post lol. The good thing about the water is it has a lot of good minerals and high in magnesium the 2nd most common mineral in the body. Which more than 80% of Americans are deficient of. I got some if you want to try it out.

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