Winery At Belle Meade Plantation Oldest in Nashville, Tn

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Belle Meade Winery


Belle Meade is the oldest winery in Nashville, Tn. It was costructed in the 1920s by John Harding and it was two-story five-bay block and constructed on a limestone foundation, flanked with symmetrical one-story wings. The chimneys flanked the central block as well as the two wings. The plantation grounds cover 30 acres and has 10 outbuildings scattered through the estate. Once I found out about this place on our 4 day stay in Nashville, I had to plan a day so I can experiance the history behind this winery. After you bought your bottle of wine you got the oppertunity to explore the 30 acre estate. The also had an area to play games like horse shoes, bocce ball and corn hole. It was a dimound in the ruff, it was one of the top 5 wineries I have ever been to.


Sundial "The shadow divides the future from the past"


Bocce Ball



Slave Quarters


The empty bottles of wine; we finished them off while we explored the premises



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Man i love how those old mansions looked with the pedestals across the front porch and the tall ceilings. Must have been really nice. How was the wine ?


The wine was good but the 30 acre grounds you got to walk and explore while drinking was awesome. I have more pictures of the old stables and blacksmith area plus many more but i didnt want to make the post to long.